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Eating Las Vegas


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From the 5-Star Robuchons to hole-in-the walls you’ve never heard of, Eating Las Vegas has more than 120 recommendations from the city’s top three food critics, broken down by:

–The Top 10

–The Essential 50

— And by category, including Late Night, Old Vegas, Celebrity Watching, Cheap Eats, Burgers, Pizza, Desserts, Sushi, Beer, Wine Bars, Cocktail Programs, and Chinatown.

In Eating Las Vegas, John Curtas, Max Jacobson, and Al Mancini spotlight the 50 restaurants they could all agree are essential stops for foodies, visitors, and locals seeking an unforgettable meal. In the city that boasts more than 2,000 places for dining out, this groundbreaking guide ushers you through the best of what this dining destination has to offer, with reviews covering the best of the city’s most lavish dining rooms to off-the-Strip ethnic gems. Once you’ve made your way through all 50, you can truly say you’ve “eaten Las Vegas.”

Altogether, we think this is the most comprehensive, honest, and entertaining restaurant guide we’ve ever seen. It’s essential reading for every foodie and makes a great gift for any Vegas fan with an appetite.

Click this link to read a sample review.

Click here to see one of the restaurants from the Vetoes section that didn’t quite make the cut, and why.

Click here to read the Best of Chinatown.

About The Author(s)

John Curtas
John A. Curtas has been Las Vegas’ reigning voice of food and restaurant commentary on KNPR, Nevada Public Radio, for the past 15 years. During that time, he has also been the first restaurant critic for Las Vegas Life magazine and the Las Vegas Weekly (for which he still writes), and is the man behind the “Eating Las Vegas” food blog ( Nationally, he’s written for Time Out Las Vegas, Fodor’s Las Vegas, Best Places Las Vegas, and for John Mariani’s The Virtual Gourmet. He’s a voting member for the James Beard Foundation restaurant/chef awards and San Pellegino World’s 50 Best Restaurants, as well as a frequent guest on Food Network programs, including two stints as a judge on “Iron Chef America.”
Max Jacobson
Max Jacobson has had a rousing career spanning almost 30 years in food journalism, but he’ll be happy to fly under the radar if he loses some weight. His career took flight in 1984, when he signed on at the Los Angeles Times as a writer on Chinese and Japanese food, and expanded into food and wine writing shortly thereafter. He was fortunate to arrive in Vegas when the food scene really began to blossom and has been a food writer and editor there since 1999.
Al Mancini
Al Mancini discovered his passion for food while living in New York City, where he attended law school by day, tended bar and made pizza at the infamous punk club CBGB by night, and explored the Big Apple’s dynamic dining scene during every spare moment in between. For the past eight years, he’s served as the restaurant critic for Las Vegas CityLife. He’s also written extensively about food and dining for numerous local lifestyle publications, such as 944, Where, What’s On, Desert Companion, and Luxury Las Vegas, and has served as a contributor to the international guidebook Time Out Las Vegas.

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  1. As a regular visitor to Las Vegas visitor who plans his trip around dinners, lunches, and occasionally breakfasts, I’ve been looking forward to this book for a while now.

  2. Just ordered my copy and can’t wait for it to arrive. It will be nice to finally have a book written by three authors who know food, cooking and dining.

  3. Glad the authors discovered what many of Chef Geno Bernardo’s Fans already know/ Nove Rocks.. Nove is the place to dine… A Foodies paradise. Truly a culinary delight. This diner will try some of the other restaurants but it’s hard to pull me away from Nove. You can eat there daily & never be bored…

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