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Will GLUTTON Satisfy?

ELV note: We temporarily halt our regularly scheduled programming (i.e. a tour through the izakayas of Las Vegas) to bring you this special announcement (more like a brief rumination on the state of downtown dining):


1. an excessively greedy eater

Synonyms: gourmand, overeater, big eater, gorger, gobbler, pig, chowhound.

Nouns:  gluttony, gluttonousness, hoggishness, crapulence, greed, greediness, voracity, rapacity, edacity.

Verbs: be gluttonous, gourmandize, gorge, overeat, engorge, cram, stuff, fill, guzzle, gobble, devour, gobble up; eat like a horse, eat out of house and home.

Adjectives: hungry, voracious, edacious, omnivorous, crapulent, swinish, gorged, overfed, insatiable.


In terms of unappetizing names for a restaurant, “Glutton” ranks somewhere between “overeater” and “crapulence” on ELV’s scale of distasteful monikers.

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Odds, Ends and Reflections – 2014

This picture, though 123 years old, pretty much sums up our view of the past twelve months. It was a kidney stone of a year, and we couldn’t pass it fast enough. And since this will be our last post of 2014, we thought we’d feature a few random thoughts and observations about it, and point our loyal readers to what they can look forward to in the time it takes our blue marble to rotate around good old Sol one more time.

2014 in Review

What exactly happened on our food scene this past year?

Answer: not much if you looked on the Strip; quite a lot if you looked off it.

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Eating Crow at DAVID CLAWSON

David Clawson opened the David Clawson Restaurant on October 1, 2014 and I’ve been avoiding it like the plague ever since. The reason for my evasion is simple: I have loathed the Henderson/Anthem area of Clark County with every fiber of my body for twenty years. So unpleasant do I consider the entirety of the Southeast quadrant of our humble burg that I would rather be sentenced to a lifetime of eating Slim Jims and Hostess Twinkies than endure the mind-numbing, soul-killing drive up or down Eastern Avenue to expose my sensibilities to the commercial wasteland it celebrates.

Henderson/Anthem is so generic, pre-fabbed, cynical and craven it makes the Strip look venerable and historic by comparison.

It is a collection of monochromatic developments centered around franchised businesses with nary a place to walk or ride; an amalgam of residences and businesses with all the charm of a Subway sandwich shop. There is no place to walk; there is no place to drive. It is a community without any sense of one,  formed for one and only one reason: to make housing and strip mall developers rich.

Get the point? I hate the place. I only go to  Henderson/Anthem at the point of a gun. (Or to go to Valley Cheese & Wine)

Until now.

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