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It’s the Same Old Same Old Unparalleled Excellence at L’ATELIER DE JOEL ROBUCHON

The great thing about dining alone is that you can use and abuse your butter like a Fremont Street hooker. You can defile it, slap it, curse it, slurp it, finger it, whatever, for as little or long as you like…and  NOBODY’S GONNA SAY A GODDAMN WORD TO YOU!

Yep, that naughty little girl is BEGGING for all of the above. Likes it, actually. You know how those French girls are.

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ITSY BITSY Rounds Out Downtown Dining, Pardner

(ELV note: Ever since he returned from Dallas, ELV has had an uncontrollable urge to talk like a Texan. As you will soon find out.)

Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey has done what something we thought impossible: bring a steady stream of downtown diners to the north side of The Ogden building. Between the somewhat obscure location, and the bad juju of the former occupant, this space was permanently jinxed in our minds, and destined to become a vacant storefront for years to come.

But you’ve got to hand it to the folks behind the redesign (see above) and to chef Ricardo Romo, because between them, they’ve reinvigorated a challenging spot, and rounded out your dining options whenever a downtown pub crawl captures your fancy.

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OTHER MAMA’s Outstanding Oceanic Offerings Outshine Other Outlying Odious Options

If you’re like most people, you like your restaurants thematically uncomplicated and easily pigeonholed. You go out seeking a good meal, not allegories, metaphors and metaphysical puzzles, and the less you have to decipher what kind of restaurant it is (or what type of cooking is going on) the better.

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