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Enough Already….

>Sous vide (Face it: everything has the same texture. I don’t give a shit what Thomas Keller says.)

>Salmon anywhere but the Pacific Northwest

>Boneless breast of chicken

>Kale (Admit it: it sucks.)

>Foam anywhere but a Spanish restaurant

>Scallops (They’re everywhere and no matter what a chef does to them, they always taste the same and they’re only on the menu because little old ladies who are afraid of seafood like them. Of course, if they ever saw a fresh one, they’d run away faster than a politician from an ethics board.)

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Sake to Me Saturday Night!

The Joy of Sake

ELV note: Eating Las Vegas usually doesn’t advertise food events. Not that we have anything against them, but we’ve found that, over the past twenty years, what was once special has become commonplace; and spending an evening strolling among food booths is no longer our idea of a good time. But the one above is going to be something special: an event featuring hundreds of premium sakes (the kind we usually can’t afford), matched with food from many of our greatest Asian chefs and restaurants. It’s going to be an alimentary Asian education in more ways than one, and the perfect place to up your sake game. 

See you there.


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