Busted Over Fried Intestines at J & J SZECHUAN

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Scroll to the third picture, and even if you can’t read Chinese, and you’ll see they cost $10.99. (We thought the ticket was so cool we took a picture of it.)

The seafood soup they came with (enough for four and only $11.99) was no slouch either.

Our meal here last Friday, with uber-editor Sarah “The Feldbergian” Feldberg (aka Maid Marian), marked the first time in fifteen years anyone at any Spring Mountain Road eatery had even the slightest idea who we were and what we were doing there.

About ten minutes into lunch, our waitress Susan approached (after spending a few minutes looking at her computer on the far side of the restaurant), and asked meekly: “Are you Mr. Curtas? I read your blog and I had to go back to it to see a picture to make sure it was you.”

Busted! In Chinatown! Who knew?

For years, ELV’s standing joke has been that he could be on the cover of Time magazine and no one in any Spring Mountain Road restaurant would know or care.

Guess we’ll have to revise that little quip.

Back to the food, the spicy intestines are covered in chilies and have a deep, warming heat that blankets the crunchy-then-squishy goodness of the chitin’s. They were so good that even The Feldbergian was plowing through them…although we noticed she didn’t take a long look at any of her bites.

Just thought you’d like to know.


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