It Isn’t Easy Being ELV, But It Is A Lot Of Fun

So many restaurants, so little time…

Yes food fans, yours truly and his staff are up at the crack of dawn today because this is what the day has in store for them:

– Polish and record radio script for KNPR-Nevada Public Radio (this week’s topic: getting busted at Battista’s and pummeled by Paymon);

– Head to KLAS-TV for taping of Dishing and Dining with Emmy-Award-winning Denise Valdez (this week’s restaurant: Bosa 1);

– Lunch at Country Club Grill with uber-wine-maker Gaia Gaja for private tasting of Gaja Ca’Marcanda Magari ‘o6, Gaja Barbaresco ‘o5, and Gaja Sori Tildin ‘o5 (ELV is so excited about this, he has decided to forgo his usual breakfast of a couple of Ho-Ho’s and a bottle of Cisco, just so his palate will be primed);

– Telephone interview of Pierre Gagnaire about his opening of Twist in the Mandarin Oriental, in a little over two months (ELV is so pumped about Pierre that he’s considering prohibiting his usual, post-prandial partaking of a pint of peach scnhapps, just so he’ll be perfectly poised for the privilege);

– In case you missed it, here is the story in yesterday’s NYTimes about the press blowout Gagnaire and his peeps threw for the New York food media yesterday. We at ELV doubt such a bash will be thrown for the local media in our humble burg….who usually must settle for the public relations equivalent of a tuna sandwich while the national press gets tournedos Rossini.

– Private tasting of Mike Minor’s new seasonal menu at Border Grill;

– Pop into Downtown Cocktail Room to sample George Sproule’s new seasonal cocktails;

– Head home for a double-shot of Alka-Seltzer and a good book (in this case: Richard Wrangham’s Catching Fire-How Cooking Made Us Human).

As you can see, it’s a busy day, and it puts us in mind of something we’ve said often over the past ten years:

Being ELV is a lot like being a porn star. Many think they can do it…

…but they can’t.

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