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Michael Pollan’s New Rule

April 19, 2013 By: John Curtas Category: Food, Interviews, Michael Pollan, Zines 12 Comments →

Photo: Ken Light

It’s simple really:

“Don’t buy any foods you’ve seen marketed on television.”

In an interview this week with New York Magazine’s Adam Platt, food guru  (he hates the term, btw) Michael Pollan has this to say about Big Food:

…it’s very hard to stay ahead of the food industry. When I first published Food Rules, I said, “Don’t buy any processed foods with more than five ingredients.” Within a year, there was a Häagen-Dazs ice cream called Five. There was a Tostitos commercial on TV where this woman is buying chips for a party. She picks up a bag and says, “There are more ingredients here than I have guests coming to my party.” And then she reaches for Tostitos, which only has three ingredients. None of them particularly healthy, but only three ingredients. So I added a new rule: Don’t buy any foods you’ve seen marketed on television.

ELV loves this rule, obviously, and thinks it is a perfect companion to:

ELV’s Immutable Axiom (#137): The more a food is advertised on television, the more worthless it is.

Exhibit #1: Coca Cola.

Exhibit #2: Any and all diet foods.

Exhibit #3: American mega-brewed beer.

Exhibit #4:

(Feel free to add to the list in your comments below.)

The prosecution rests.

Is Healthy Eating Possible in Las Vegas?

March 22, 2012 By: John Curtas Category: Food, Interviews, Travel 7 Comments →

Asking ELV about healthy eating is like asking Lindsay Lohan about sobriety.


You Find the Strangest Things When You Google Yourself

March 09, 2012 By: John Curtas Category: Chefs, Critics, Food, Interviews 1 Comment →

You find the strangest things lurking on the internet when you google yourself.

Like this short piece from a couple of years ago…done at the behest of some website named In The MO…that we hadn’t heard of before or since.

But hey! It got 34 whole views!

And it does contain a nice little story about a four hour dinner we had at Restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris (France, not Tennessee) several years ago.

ELV Wakes Up with the Wagners

November 11, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Chefs, Interviews 1 Comment →

….and talks about why Restaurant Guy Savoy is one of his favorite Frenchies on the Strip.

If the video takes too long to upload….try this link:

And remember: There are (usually) only two things a man should be doing at 6:00 am: sleeping or coming home and getting ready to go to sleep.

David Middleton Takes the Toque at MARCHE BACCHUS

November 02, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Chefs, Interviews 13 Comments →

David Middleton looks ahead to a better menu

Picture 1 of 6

If cooking at Gary Danko, Fleur de Lys (San Francisco version), ALEX and Scarpetta (Las Vegas version) doesn’t prepare you to run the kitchen at Marche Bacchus, we can’t imagine what does.


Adam Rapoport Wants to be Interviewed

October 19, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Events, Interviews, Zines 5 Comments →

Here’s what the p.r. invitation said:

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and nightlife, but the culinary scene is quickly becoming the rising star on The Strip.

Adam Rapoport, the new celebrity editor-in-chief at Bon Appétit, is visiting Las Vegas Wednesday, October 26, to meet with people like yourself and discuss Vegas Uncork’d 2012. Here are some things that Adam can speak about that would be a good fit for your readers:

Why Las Vegas is an important place in today’s epicurean landscape


EIFFEL TOWER Talk with Joung Sohn

August 26, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Chefs, Food, Interviews, Reviews 3 Comments →

Joung Sohn doesn’t get enough credit or exposure for being the executive chef of what might be the highest volume, fine French restaurant in the country.


Jose Lopez Picazo at JULIAN SERRANO

August 22, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Chefs, Food, Interviews, Liquor/Liqueur/Libations, Reviews 2 Comments →

You get the feeling talking with Executive Chef José Lopez Picazo that he’s a great admirer of America’s two most celebrated Spanish chefs — Jose Andrés and Julian Serrano –  but that he’s more impressed with the day to day kitchen and cooking habits of Serrano. The Madrid native should know, since he’s one of the few chefs to have done considerable time with both men — working with Andrés for years in D.C. before coming west to take over the kitchen duties at Julian Serrano.


Las Vegas Weekly – The Sushi Issue

March 31, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Chefs, Critics, Food, Interviews, Las Vegas Weekly, Reviews, Zines 2 Comments →

ELV Note: The Las Vegas Weekly’s exploration of all things sushi hits the newsstands today, so we thought we’d give you a peak at some tasty snaps from our interview with Bar Masa’s Drew Terp, followed by the Weekly article(s) outlining the best sushi in town, according to Brock Radke, Jim Begley, and you know who. (ELV tip: After Bar Masa, Shibuya and Sen of Japan, everyone else is an also-ran. ELV tip #2: Anyone who eats all-you-can-eat sushi should have their head examined. ELV Tip #3: Scroll down to Terp’s Tips if you want to raise your sushi game and stop eating it like a girlie-man.)


Sen of Japan (8480 W. Desert Inn Road, 871-7781) Sen, as it’s known to regulars, is a west-side staple and, unequivocally, the best “accessible” sushi in town. It’s cheaper than Bar Masa, Nobu and Roku but more expensive than your standard neighborhood joint. Don’t let that dissuade you; you will walk—or waddle—away feeling the experience was well worth the cost.


John Mariani Interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air

March 24, 2011 By: John Curtas Category: Critics, Food, Interviews, KNPR Comments Off

ELV note: We were surprised a couple of hours ago when tuning into News 88.9 FM Nevada Public Radio, to hear our paisan John Mariani being interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR. Click on the link below to listen, and continue after the jump to read a sample chapter from his new book: How Italian Food Conquered The World.