EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants Returns!

Remember this book?

And the ones that came before and after it?

Of course you do.

Because, if we do say so ourselves, (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT) it was the most interesting distillation of the Las Vegas restaurant scene ever to hit the shelves.

Well, it’s comin’ back food fans.

With a 2016 Edition.

With more content, information, opinions and categories than ever.

Expect less dueling critics and more coverage — with some major surprises in store — containing serious shout-outs to everything from old warhorses that still shine to the young guns who are re-defining our restaurant/food culture.

The new authors — besides yours truly — will be Greg Thilmont, Michael Uzmann and Mitchell Wilburn — fellows who make up for in youthful enthusiasm what they lack in Max Jacobson’s gravitas, or Al Mancini’s everyman appeal. (Truth be told, the newbies also cover much more middle-brow dining options than I do, so expect expanded coverage of everything from brewpubs to bakeries, breakfasts to buffets. FYI: Chinatown and steakhouses, as well as the Top 10, shall remain primarily my beat.)

The work has already begun, with a projected publication date in early 2016.

Bon app├ętit to all, and here’s hoping you’re in the book!

9 thoughts on “EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants Returns!

  1. I’m looking forward to this, but how do Max and Al feel? No knock on their replacements, but the clash of personalities is a big reason why I loved the first three editions.

  2. EXCELLENT J.C! There are still a few of us “old farts” out there, “here?” that still love to actually hold a book and to turn pages and to leave it on the corner of the desk or table to be able to pick it up instantly and refer to it …….. not having to turn anything on. KnowwhatImean?

  3. ELV responds: Yes, we know exactly what you mean 2007fordhd, and both us and the publisher thinks the time is ripe for another go at a definitive dining guidebook for Las Vegas. Yelp and other web sites may have their uses, but a more distilled, thoughtful paperback will be more useful for a least a portion of the serious diners who stream into Vegas every day.

    As to Jay Grymyr’s point: As much as we wanted Max and Al to be part of the book, Max (since his accident) is still not physically ready to undertake such a workload, and Al pursuing other ventures these days.

    However, both of them will be spiritually very much a part of the new edition, and we hope to get a small contribution or two from each of them.

  4. …….. as soon as I get notified @ eatinglv that it (the book) is ready you will get an order for two of ’em. Stay the course sir!

  5. ….my issue with your first effort-there were only minor modifications from issue to issue…and there is no reason to issue this yearly….its a good idea but in desperate need of adult supervision…

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