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ELV note: Eating Las Vegas loves Canadians, and we really love Canadians who are diesel power train specialists who love to eat in Las Vegas as much as we do. Here’s why we love them so much, and why we hope all of you readers will pitch in with some suggestions for Mr. and Mrs. Canadian Cam for their upcoming trip to ‘Frisco.

Dear ELV,

I would like to commend you. (Further ELV note: He loves being commended by Canadians.)

My wife and I are Canadians who bought a vacation home in the Lakes area of Summerlin just off Lake North in Jan of 09. We love dining and after looking at a number of sights to wade through the many great spot in the city I found your site and check in every few days.

I love your Friday Italian slot! I have 2 great Italian friends that run a 2nd generation traditional northern Italian cafe that has been here for 40 years. I have come to love great, fresh, simple Italian food. I really wish you had done this before we went to the Grotto around New Year’s and dropped 5 clams on a bad bad meal. Some of the slop these places in Vegas put out is despicable.

Because they are local we love Vintner Grill, must have gone there 15 times since we discovered it after going though your reviews. We went there for New Years eve diner and watched the fireworks at the Red Rock from there on the 4th of July. Rosemary’s especially on Sunday, 1/2 price wine and it is only a few blocks from home. The wife and I had a couple of great glasses of champagne and 2 great bottles of Amarone the last time we were there and the tab was under $400. Here the wine alone would be $500+ and Marche Bacchus was good the only time we have been there.

We have hit most of your top rated spots on the Strip as well;
Carnevino (must say the 8 or 9 month reserve rib eye I ordered had a lot of chew to it for being the age it was, I think the way it was carved did not help, great flavor though) Craftteak is my steak spot with Delmonico second.
miX has also served us some memorable meals, my wife loves the foie gras portions there.
Alex and Okada are regular stops and I have taken 4 different groups to SWITCH and it has been very good every time.
Danial Boulud served a very memorable meal with another couple of close friends from Madison one night a couple of years ago in January. My friend has since passed (cancer) and we have fond memories of that evening.
We have also had some great Sunday lunches at the Country Club. As you can tell we like the Wynn, have stayed there 30 nights or so since they opened.
Circo was one of my first fine dining experiences in 99. I took a group of customers 6 couples there once when we had a convention in the Mirage in 04 or 05 and it was a great experience for a group of diesel engine people. I still get comments from some of them years later about that night when we see each other. I had not been there for some time until your recent review so we went back there a couple weeks ago and is was great just like the times before.
Sirio was a great stop we made one evening after your review as well, outstanding.
NOVE ?? great table, good service, though I can’t remember what I has we ate were a little disappointed in the food, not memorable enough obviously.

A good Jewish friend of mine once said to me after 3 days together, “I eat to live, you, you live to eat”

Enough about my stops because I know you are busy.

Since I have become one of your “groupies” and can’t eat anywhere you have not checked out first I have a question about eating in SF and Napa. I bought a 4 day Napa wine tour, limo, hot air balloon ride, spa day etc etc at a fundraiser at our local college where I am on the board for a lot of money 10K or something like that. We are heading there in early October. Wednesday in SF at the Hilton down town, Thurs through Sunday morning in Napa at the Meritage Resort and then the Ritz Carlton in SF for Sunday evening. I am looking for some recommendations for dining in SF on Wednesday and Sunday evening and a recommendation in Napa for Saturday, Thursday and Friday are booked.

I would like to thank you for your witty, frank and some times down right hilarious commentary. Being a pseudo-local spending 20 weeks or so there in the last 18 months I have started using your “tourista” to describe the hoards of slobs that fly in and out of the city every day. God we were at Craftsteak in mid August and a 300 lb guy comes in there with a dirty white t shirt, long sport shorts and fucking flip flops. I’m glad I didn’t have to sit near him it would have ruined our meal. The airlines are partly to blame. In the 20 or more flights there in the last year I see guys with a carry on the size of my wife’s hand bag for a 3 day weekend because they don’t want to pay the baggage fee!!

I would also like to commend you on your reviews of what I term “back woods” places. As much as I would love to my waste band can’t take this fine dining thing day after day. From your reviews we found and frequent Archie’s just a couple of blocks away for lunch and the Champion Gourmet was a favorite lunch spot that we were almost in tears over when we went there and was closed in May. I am elated to find out they are open again even with the styrofoam cups.

Thank you and keep up the great work



Canadian Cam

ELV responds:

Dear Canadian Cam,

From the looks of things, you could be writing this website! Ay chihuahua, you get around more than Lindsay Lohan rooting for her stash! Obviously, you have a soul mate in ELV. Should you ever change sexes, occupations and addresses (and lose a few years), ELV intends on proposing marriage.


The World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic

P.S. When in San Fran, we like to kick it old school at Fleur de Lys or Gary Danko. We haven’t been, but Mina’s new school eats/old school wine at RN74 is a must for pinot noir lovers. In Napa, Unbuntu for superior vegetarian eats; in Yountville, you can’t go wrong with any restaurant, but ad hoc is probably a must-try. Don’t forget Bistro Jeanty if you’d like an old reliable. Readers?

5 thoughts on “Letter of the Week

  1. When in SF, gotta go to Kokkari Estiatorio.

    Kokkari is the sister restaurant to acclaimed Evvia Estiatorio in Palo Alto, California.

  2. In the Napa Valley you must go to Meadowood. I had a truly stunning meal there over the fourth of July weekend, and I must say that this was the most memorable dining experience I have had in a long time. Seasonal, innovative, restrained food with impeccable, unobtrusive service.

    Beyond that, I would also recommend a tiny spot in St. Helena if you’re up for a casual meal (particularly great mid-afternoon during tastings!). It is called “Cook” and is a ten table sort of joint with an ever-changing menu of goodies including amazing risottos and pasta dishes.

  3. After the recommendations and all the research I have done we have booked
    Fleur de Lys for our first night in the city
    Ad hoc
    French Laundry and
    Press for diners
    We are going to try Cook and the Meadowood Grill for lunch and
    Gary Dankos for Sunday night back in the city
    Thanks again for the tips from everyone especially to JC for the commentary. I love the latest slob letter. I see you removed the Micky D comment that someone left last week from whom I am sure is a slob like the guys in your picture.

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