ELV Taking Break, Food World Mourns

Courtesy of the good folks of Stella Artois beer, your favorite food blogger/restaurant reviewer/lawyer-at-law will be flying to Boston (Massachusetts, not Kentucky) today to cover the finals of the Stella Artois Draught Masters contest being held there on Friday

As a result, we won’t be posting anything until early next week, but, as always, feel free to follow us @eatinglasvegas on Twitter or John Curtas on Facebook, if you need your daily ELV fix. (Hint: we post more on FB than we do on Twitter.)

Stella Artois and Union Oyster House here we come!

3 thoughts on “ELV Taking Break, Food World Mourns

  1. John, you gotta hit Mary Chungs on Cambridge for the “Suan La Chow Sho” pork dumplings …..they are unreal and worth the Boston trip by themselves…

    Drop me an e mail sometime…gotta hit Vegas together sometime and tear it up!

    Chris Cognac

    ps my iPhone crashed and I lost tons of contact info

  2. Plenty of great places to hit other than Union. (Over-priced/bland) Sam LaGrassa’s, Grendel’s Den, Regina’s in the North End, Jacob Wirth are all must’s. Enjoy John!

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