In Case You Missed It – SAGE and ELV in The Daily Beast

Congrats to Sage for getting top billing in today’s Media Gallery at The Daily Beast, featuring the hottest new restaurants in America.

To square this circle, we at ELV suggest you click on the link above, then click on the link at The Daily Beast back to Eating Las Vegas.

That way, you will fully appreciate the supercalifragilisticexpealidocious nature of this monumental occurrence in the blogosphere.

8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – SAGE and ELV in The Daily Beast

  1. Nice one elv but there is a lot not to like about sage. Truffles on hamachi?????? Sage infused gin????? White wine served at 45 degrees. Do us a favor and give it the bourdain treatment it deserves.

    Just the latest example of all that is deficient with vegas culture, faux fine dining and the idiotic glorification of celebrity chefs

  2. ELV………..Please set this Vegas Dave guy straight. I’ve had that Hamachi dish twice & we both know it one of the most imaginative & unique preparations served anywhere. Tell him that 45 degree white burgundy is prime drinking temp & anything colder renders it tastless. Tell him Bourdain is a hack chef that slang crap cuisine & then accused everyone else of the same practices. You could also add that he just glorified a celeb chef in one paragraph then blasted people who do so in the next. Watching the Next Iron Chef does not a gourmand make you………If you hate Vegas So, then move back to Kansas & critique BBQ

  3. Lol. Hamachi and truffles = dog crap. The white wine at sage is WAY too cold. And bourdain is a cherished critic not a chef, schmuck

  4. Dave, I will take into full account that you have no clue what you are talking about. Now pay attention…..45 degrees is standard for whites & unless you are sitting for your MS, it’s pretty douchey to even mention it. Bourdain a Cherished critic??? I’m sure he would appreciate you saying he is not even a chef anymore. You go ahead & rely on a chain smoking ex-drug addict turned sensationalist author for your misguided view on the culinary world. I’ll trust James Beard found, LA times, NY post, Wash Post, & every major food critic you can name From the west to east coast. In your honor I will visit Sage this week for the best Hamchi dish in town & wash it down with a beautiful 45 degree Alsatian pinot gris & the best bartenders around! Back to Kansas Dave ….7, 8, 9, 10 He’s had enough. It’s all over folks. I’m going to Disneyland

  5. 7,8,9,10!!! Funny.

    Almost as funny as watching McLains diners – one by one- spit out his appallingly bad hamachi/truffle appetizer.

    Now go enjoy your freezing cold overpriced wine with your “best bartenders in town” LOLOL!!!

  6. “We could wax poetic for days over McClain’s yellowtail crudo with pine nut foam in black truffle jus — an odd combination of earth, sea, and tree that haunts you with its interplay of flavors” – John Curtas

    “Several things jump out at you. The prices (moderate); the selection (eclectic); and the size (manageable).

    A 2005 trophy list put together by a “wine director” beholden to a large distributor this is not.

    Instead, what you find is a smattering of bargain bottles, some interesting gems, lots of beauties under a Benjamin, and a few high priced eye-poppers on hand for whenever gambling fools and their money need to be parted.

    We also love the by-the-glass selection, containing nothing over $20.

    This is a lean and mean list, priced to sell, but sacrificing nothing in the quality department. A list that begs you to order a second bottle.

    In other words: the list we’ve been waiting for in a top flight Strip restaurant for ten years.” -John Curtas

    Admit it Dave…… you can’t spell (McClain) & you don’t belong in the restaurants you criticize. It’s ok to be a beginner, we all started there…. Just don’t confuse basic knowledge for actual expertise. You’ll get there buddy. Keep drinking milk. I’m sorry everyone, but he keeps standing back up! Stay down my man… to fight another day……Fin

  7. Some of us relish the ELV critiques and discussions in part because we do not have to speed read through the kind of petty silliness that shows up on other boards. And for the most part we get rewarded. Not always. “Waiter, there’s a fly in our soup.”

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