DU-PAR’S Breakfast

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Call ’em flapjackes, battercakes, flannel cakes or pancakes, Du-par’s got ’em and they’re just about the best stack of buttermilks you will ever taste.

The crispy, well-cooked, non-greasy bacon was a treat too, as were the perfectly cooked eggs and the real maple syrup.

So good are they, we fear we may never go to the Original Pancake House again…except for a Dutch Baby when the urge hits us.

But they’re not exactly cheap — $7 for a short stack — but we’ll gladly pay the freight ‘cuz they’re so light, and fluffy, and rich and buttery, they hardly need any butter at all.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Our breakfast pictured above came to $17 + a $4 tip.


In the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

1 Fremont Street (is that a co0l address or what?)

Las Vegas, NV 89101


7 thoughts on “DU-PAR’S Breakfast

  1. Bacon that doesn’t shrivel, curl-up and shrink away, cut thick, me likes. Thank you ELV. Another on my list when I return to your “humble burg.”

  2. LOL ~ George, Dupar’s is an old-time coffee shop, it’s not exactly comparable with Verandah :)

    I grew up in the ’60s in L.A. eating pancakes at DuPar’s waaaaaaay back in the day and am quite glad to hear it is just as yummy so many years and miles later!

  3. Viva, It’s not about the place itself, but the quality of the pancakes served there. I’ve had great food many times at dives and greasy-spoons, but ELV’s comment was about the pancakes being one of the best stacks anywhere. Since, I know he eats at the Verandah, it’s a good reference point to compare against.

  4. Point well taken George, especially since seven bucks for a buttermilk short stack is a lot closer to the Verandah price point that your typical coffee shop! :)

  5. Well, that “short stack” to me…. is not a short stack, for one thing. I got three pancakes, not two. AND it comes with two very lean, very long slices of, i think, turkey bacon. It was very good, whatever it was… and it is real maple syrup, not some cheap pancake syrup. At $6.75, it may not be the bargain basement price you are looking for… I enjoy those as well.

    For THOSE, at DuPars, you go to eat there at.. 4 to 6 am or pm, to get their “house special” price… Your meal costs whatever time you order. If you order at 4:10 am, your meal will cost $4.10. Limited selections of course, but bargain basement price. Same thing 4-6 pm. I think its a brilliant decision and will fill that place up for four hours every day. Should be enough to pay for all their 24 hour help in those four hours! My thinking.

    And yes, those pancakes were fabulouso! Voted the best pancakes in America by.. I think, Esquire magazine? So it isn’t just “our” opinion.

  6. Very sad to learn the Bay City Diner is no more. Was glad to have eaten there one last time back in February. With an open mind we will give Du-Par’s a try in a couple of weeks.

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