In Case You Missed It – Max & John on KNPR’s State Of Nevada

We at ELV know most of you have better things to do on a Friday morning (play video poker, nurse a hangover, contemplate great architecture, etc…) than to sit glued to a radio listening to intellectual-and-digestively-stimulating banter about food and restaurants. Therefore, as a public service, we provide this link to yesterday’s State Of Nevada program on KNPR.

Tune in if you’re interested in learning about:

> Great cheese, wine and charcuterie (as we interview Bob Howald and Kristen Sande of Valley Cheese and Wine);

> The James Beard Foundation, its founding, good works, awards and the changing face of food journalism (as we interview JBF vice president, restaurant critic and esteemed cookbook author Mitchell Davis);

> Our top five ethnic grocery stores in town (as we interview ourselves), and, of course, everyone’s favorite restaurant review segment…

> Eat It Or Beat It – to hear our opinions on three local restaurants. This week featuring:

* HK Star

* Tinoco’s Bistro

* Twist by Pierre Gagnaire