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  1. I have Valentine’s Day reservations at Le Cirque, but I’m hoping some time to give Sirio a try soon. I’d go here, but I think I’ve finally hit “Italian overload” for now.

  2. John,

    Re: your SON program of 1/19, I absolutely agree with your assessment of Julian Serrano’s food… but found the service lacking. Earlier in your program in your conversation with Todd (of Todd’s Unique) he mentioned and you both agreed that we need to be more critical of ‘strip-service’ (hotel treatment of locals).

    I hosted a dinner for four this past Sunday evening, which was a birthday celebration for my nephew, which I mentioned when I made the reservations, and when we checked in at the podium.

    Took about 20 minutes after we were seated to finally order a pitcher of white sangria, escalibada, dates/almonds, white ceviche, Chicken croquetas, spanish cheese, and olives. All were exceptional.

    Another long wait and we were able to order red sangria (a bit too sweet), spanish tortilla, Beef/brie, and Pintxo chorizos. Again all excellent.

    Another wait that was way too long (at least 15 minutes after we finished the above. We finally then ordered a wonderful bottle of Spanish Wine (the name now escapes me) and the Mixta Paella w/lobster. This turned out to be the weakest of all the food choices. Over done, too salty, and no one in sight to complain. We finally finished this course, and our waiter breezed by and dropped off dessert menus.

    After another 20 minute wait we got the attention of a captain/manager??? who took our dessert (Excellent Catalan Cream), and coffee (some of the best I have had recently).

    What could have been a great experience was ruined by our waiter, Pedro O. Never acknowledged the birthday, and only came by to say good by as we were leaving the table… a good 30-40 minutes after he had dropped off the dessert menus, but had no further involvement with us.

    As good as the food was, I will have second thoughts about going again. I sensed that the waiter’s attitude was not unique… the rest of the service staff seemed just as unconcerned.

    Too bad!

    Enjoy SON with you and Max very much… keep up the good work.

    Fred Keiserman

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