You mean you don’t hang out with Joel Robuchon and Mitsuo Endo at lunch, doing vertical tastings of Chateau Pape Clement with winemaker Bernard Magrez on a typical Wednesday afternoon?



~ Déjeuner du Mercredi 7 Octobre ~

Imaginé par Joël Robuchon

Le Caviar Osciètre

en infusion de corail anisée, en surprise

Osetra Caviar on a coral gelée served as a surprise

Bordeaux, Château Fombrauge 2004


La Tomate

En salade, huile d’olive au basilic, tomate et mozzarella en gelée

Salad of tomato, basil infused olive oil, tomato gelée topped with mozzarella


La Langoustine

truffée et cuite en ravioli à l’étuvée de chou vert

Truffled langoustine ravioli with chopped cabbage

Pessac-Léognan, Château Pape Clément 2004


Le Bœuf de Kobé

grillé aux matsutakés, cristalline au poivre, persil en tempura, raifort à la moutarde

Grilled Kobe beef with matsutake mushroom, parsley tempura, horseradish mustard

Pessac-Léognan, Château Pape Clément 1986

Pessac-Léognan, Château Pape Clément 1996

Pessac-Léognan, Château Pape Clément 2005


La Pêche

confite au Moscato d’Asti, lait frappé a l’abricot

Peach confit infused with Moscato d’Asti, apricot milkshake

Barsac, Château Latrézotte « Le Sauternes de ma Fille »2004

7 thoughts on “JOEL ROBUCHON Lunch

  1. It’s really a shame that you have this platform with which you could share your culinary discoveries in a city that needs a roadmap to navigate through the good and the bad, but instead your message gets lost as you stroke your own ego.

  2. Oh please, the man does a very good job of keeping us informed, remember your mother’s words, if you can’t say something nice…

  3. If dining at a Robuchon establishment and then recording one’s experience results in a perception that the author is stroking his ego, then my head must be a lot bigger than my backside–which is quite wide.

    I’ve dined ala Robuchon, and I’ve eaten with and visited with Chef Robuchon. Like ELV, I’ve written about and photographed the work of Robuchon and his staff. It is hard to argue with near perfection. So if, in the opinion of some, the written word comes across as an act of overly indulgent ego stroking when describing lunch at Robuchon, such is life.

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