In Kase You Missed It…

Click here to hear me and Maxie pummel each other like bad bread dough on this morning’s State Of Nevada.

Also featured:

> S. Irene Virbila (restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times) on why Italian restaurants are so bad;

> Elizabeth Muto on the good works (and fundraiser tonight at M Resort) of the Epicurean Charitable Foundation;

> Our Top 5 Vegas burgers;

> Downtown throwdown, and;

> Eat It Or Beat It featuring: Crazy Pita, FIRST Food and Bar, and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.

3 thoughts on “In Kase You Missed It…

  1. As I said earlier:

    “Great job today! I was mostly rooting for Mr. ELV today, but I do have to agree with Mr. Max on Downtown. Fremont Street isn’t going away any time soon, so we’re probably better off supporting the culinary sparks of life appearing at Firefly and Tinoco’s than demanding the demolition of the last “Old Vegas” holdout. And btw, Mr. Max is also right about the superb tapas at Firefly… The manchego mac & cheese is not to be missed!

    “Otherwise, I agree more with Mr. ELV on the burger picks and the “Eat It or Beat It” picks. As a vegetarian myself, I was quite offended by Mr. Max’s mention of Claim Jumper. A SUPERMARKET FROZEN DISC AT CLAIM JUMPER??!! Gimme a break! Both Burger Bar and LBS do far superior veggie burgers that are house made and taste great. Oh, and Anthony’s pizza isn’t worth it. Come visit my neighborhood “District” instead and do Settebello.”

    No really, I’d like to challenge Mr. Max to try real veggie burgers with real taste at LBS and Burger Bar. I’d also be interested in seeing you do a future show on good vegetarian/vegan eating in Vegas. I’ll even offer some tips! ;-)

    Oh, and thanks for letting Mr. Max interview S. Irene Virbila! She’s one of my favorite Left Coast restaurant critics. Now will Gustavo Arellano be invited some time to talk food? In addition to being one of Orange County’s best political pundits, he’s also a great food writer! Read his latest takedown of his own OC Weekly readers for their lousy taste.

    I can’t wait to hear his take on Las Vegas’ overall lack of decent comida mexicana.

  2. Thank you for the kind words John & Max. We appreciate it greatly, and I can personally verify that some people do actually listen to your show on account of the throngs that turned up and said, “We’ve never been here but we heard about you on the radio” or, “I heard them talking about you this morning and it made me come in today.” Thanks again.


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