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ELV is on record stating that all Vietnamese restaurants are the same. The same recipes, the same ingredients, the same aromas and the same tastes. It’s like everything gets made in a single industrial kitchen somewhere around Garden Grove, California and then gets shipped to Vietnamese restaurants across America.

But darned if the Bún bò Huê didn’t come across as fresher, clearer, brighter, and beefier than any other version we’ve had. It sparkled with the taste of lemongrass and chilies, and was mildly spicy, just the way we like it. The goi cuon (shrimp vermicelli rolls) were also bigger, tighter, shrimp-ier and less tired tasting than we can recall….and the spanking new place is also a lot nicer looking than your average pho (fuh) factory.

It was also dead empty when we had lunch there last week.

Regardless, the food had a snap to it that we haven’t gotten from numerous Vietnamese meals had over the years up and down Spring Mountain Road. As soon as the weather cools off, we plan to make those soups a regular stop in our Asian eating rota.

ELV’s lunch for one pictured above came to $18 and he left a $4 tip. Note: they don’t take debit or credit cards for charges under $20.


4631 West Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89103


2 thoughts on “PHO THAI BINH

  1. If you like Bun Bo Hue, try Nhu Y restaurant at 4355 Spring Mountain Road. This place used to be a take-out restaurant, recently upgraded furniture to be more dine-in now.

    With this dish, the meats are secondary. The broth typically take at least a day to simmer to coax out the right sticky porky goodness and then topped off with the proper amount of chili sate oil. Nhu Y’s broth is very good for Vegas, but no where close to Westminster’s standards. I go here when I need to silence my bun bo hue cravings.

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