ELV has a confession to make: He’s eaten in almost every Vietnamese restaurant in town (many of them multiple times), and he still hasn’t a clue what separates a good one from a mediocre one.*

Back in the day, we had our very own Miss Saigon (nee Hanh Le), who accompanied us around town with instructions and insights into this cuisine (most of which consisted of: “My mother makes a much better version of this…”).

Here you can hear us chattering about Pho So 1, which was our favorite hangout back in ’01 and ’02. But the little lass left town long ago, and we’ve been rudderless when it comes to these things ever since.

These days, we trek all over town looking for something distinguishable between the restaurants, but they’re all pretty good, and they’re all pretty cheap, and the food tastes pretty much the same at all of them.

ELV and his staff ** can only advise this: If you’ve got a craving for pho (pronounced “fuh” not “foe”), Pho Hung*** is as good as the next place, is cleaner and newer than a lot of them, and the staff is more than friendly and accommodating (although we’ve never encountered anything but fast and friendly service at any Vietnamese restaurant).

You can eat a mountain of food in any Vietnamese restaurant in town for well under $50/couple. Our meal for two came to $44 including an $8 tip.


5288 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 104

Las Vegas, NV 89146


Second location if you’re in the neighborhood!

Pho 99

139 Duong Nguyen Trai

Phuong Ben Thanh Quan 1

T/P Ho Chi Minh City

Viet Nam (How cool is that?)


* ELV can state with certainty that he’s never eaten in a bad one.

** A free lunch (with ELV) to anyone who guesses who the guy in the picture is, and where it was taken.

*** When pronounced phoenetically, Pho Hung sounds something like “Fung,” which is the name given this iconic dude on Just looking at him always makes us LOL.

8 thoughts on “PHO HUNG

  1. Pho houses are the only type of Vietnamese I have encountered here, but I grew up on something much more interesting and different. The Vietnamese food I grew up on was more of a refined, meat happy affair. We had pho where I grew up too, but those places couldn’t touch the diversity and flavor of the two particular places my family frequented in lil ol’ Fresno. If you ever get there, Kim’s (I think it’s still open) is worth the trip, unfortunately, to my knowledge, Saigon Palace is no longer in business.

  2. I do believe we never settled the great banh mi debate.

    Pho Saigon 8 is still one of our favorites, with Pho So 1 coming in at a close second, followed by Pho Kim Long, just because I like saying the name of that restaurant quickly and with a snicker.

  3. Having gorged on Vietnamese cuisine in Northern California and Houston, and being an unabashedly superb Vietnamese cook myself, everything around here is mediocre as far as I can tell. When you have really good Vietnamese food, you’ll know.

  4. 6 of us went there 7-4-10 at 10:45pm. We waited 10 minutes for someone to take our order. We had 5 Pho bowl (which they said is fastest to make), one Rice plate and 1 togo Pho. 3 beers, 2 lemondade and 2 iced coffee. We got 4 bowl Pho and that was it. We had to call the waiter over 10 minutes later to see where our drinks are and took anther 10 minutes to get our drinks which we CALLED the restaurant on our cell to get it. The lemonade was lacking lemon and very little sugar, the iced coffee was just coffee and sugar & NO condensed milk. 10 minutes later STILL no 5th bowl of PHO or the rice. We went up to pay and the owner came to say he tought they brought out the food b/c he is the one who controls the food going out. He also said the RICE plate we can’t make today, yet NO one told us that. He goes on to add, if you don’t like anything I will take it off the bill. Stupid, your coffee sucks and we left it at your cashier counter. The lemonade was finished b/c I was thirsty. In the end, we spent 1.5 hours there when the dinning trip should have lasted no more than 45 minutes. We paid for what we had minus the iced coffee and LEFT ZERO tip. My aunt from california had a bad experience here too & the owner’s response is that’s how it is. I didn’t think that was accurate but this confirms it. I have eaten here before but only in the daytime. Perhaps at night they have not management skills to run the show. PHO HUNG, YOU SHOULD CLOSE DOWN FOR BAD SERVICE AND UNCALLED FOR ATTITUDE. YOUR WAITER SPILLED PHO ON ME BEFORE AND DID NOT APOLOGIZE AND DID NOT EVEN OFFER TO WIPE THE TABLE, I HAD TO DO IT. I GAVE YOU ONE CHANCE BEFORE BUT THIS IS THE LAST STRAW.

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