This Just In – BRADLEY OGDEN to Close in October

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(ELV update: It was announced to staff at the restaurant last night — 8.26.11 — that Jan. 2, 2012 will be the last day of operation for Bradley Ogden. We have also heard (unconfirmed) rumors that the menu will become more steak and burger friendly for the last several months of operation. Stay tuned).

It may be re-opening tonight for dinner service, but sources close to the situation have informed Eating Las Vegas® that Bradley Ogden — the only Las Vegas restaurant ever to win a James Beard national “Best New Restaurant of the Year Award” (in 2004) — will be serving its last supper sometime in mid-October.

The space will be re-configured as a gastro-pub in conjunction with Gordon Ramsay.

Unlike many closings — which often happen quietly and without fanfare — expect this one to be quite a savory send-off, as plans are underway to bring many well-known young chefs (who cut their teeth here) back to appear for a big bash before the doors are closed for good and the logo retired.

16 thoughts on “This Just In – BRADLEY OGDEN to Close in October

  1. Is this just another indication of the changing face of not only of the Las Vegas dining scene, but dining, in general? Alex—gone, Daniel Boulud Brasserie—gone. Jet Tila—leaving and now Bradley Ogden–closing. I know the first 3 is more of an issue of Mr. Wynn deciding to de-emphasize high-end dining. I guess the success of the restaurants in the Cosmopolitan is where we are headed—hip, “cool” food at reasonable prices.

  2. I’m not surprised by the end of Ogden. While some have praised it for years, I could see the decline start 4 years ago at Uncork’d. One would think that a private dinner hosted by Alan Richman would have inspired the kitchen to present their absolutely best dishes in terms of technique, presentation and flavor. Sadly, that didn’t happen, even on a night when both Bradley and his son Bryan were in the kitchen. Nice guys who finished last on that night with poorly cooked lamb chops and uninspired desserts. It only seemed to go downhill from there. While the closing may be a sign of the times, (i.e., Caesar’s rush to sign Ramsay), in my view the slow decline in the kitchen didn’t help the Ogden bunch.

    And by the way, while the restaurants at the Cosmopolitan certainly have a hip, cool, and casual vibe-that doesn’t always translate into “reasonable” prices. Just look at the menu at Blue Ribbon. Casual? Maybe. Reasonable? Not when the Lobster Sashimi goes for $140…

  3. Compared to Bar Masa, I think Blue Ribbon is fairly reasonable. The Milos’ lunch special is one of the best deals in town. If people consider Milos and Jaleo and Scarpetta, the “flagship” restaurants of the Cosmopolitan, then it is reasonable compared to the flagship restaurant of Caesar’s (Guy Savoy), MGM Grand (Joel Robuchon Restaurant), Mandarin Oriental (Twist), and Bellagio (Picasso).

  4. I just remember when Bradley Ogden was the chef at Campton Place. But that seems like 2 lifetimes ago.

  5. John Curtas thanks for posting this…. this is truely sad but me personally as many, knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. Its like a family member is passing away and emotions are being brought.

    Now that I just finished off a little glass of Chartreuse,

    Having had worked at Bradley Ogden that 2004 year, I can tell you, our kitchen was on fire. The envy of Las Vegas. Bradley Ogden is the reason for Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy and all other dining programs prior. No one could touch us. If we all got together to open a restauarant now, it would be the best restaurant in the world. The best restaurant to mankind, thats if we dont kill each other.

    Chef de cuisine, ex sous chef, sous chef, chef tournant, cook – everyone – was badass – even the front of the house.

    Being years have past and I’m sure all of “you BOH members” remeber the good ol days. Hopefully everyone is moving on to dreams and ambitions and absolute in their success.

    For Bradley Ogden, you could have been the Robuchon of America.

    I am happy to had had that experience and I hope all you assholes feel the same, and I say that with love. And for the rest of Vegas, you never had what we had. We fucking broke the rules everyday.

    And if you douches dont know who this is yet, “that shits got made flave yo”. i’ll see you when I’m dining at your restaurants.

    i guess its an end to a chapter.

    To the Ogden family, the best wishes.

    Gordan Ramsay, go fuck yourself. Your Hells Kitchen jail inmate style cooks will never live up to the success that came out of the B.O. kicthen – minus Trees (a.k.a Denny’s Extraordinaire) j/k. Douche face.

    I dont give too shits how tuff you think you are – fucking lets see how you do in Vegas. Fucking desert will eat you up in a heart beat.

    Peace out.

  6. Culinary decadance is when Bradley Ogden closes and Gordan Ramsay opens. Gordan Ramsay is to cooking as Joe Frazier was to polevaulting! Odgen, was the premier Chef, ever to grace the Vegas culinary scene. The food was healthy, small portions and authentic Chef cooking, not these wannabe rock star Chef’s. with hair flowing like Crystal Gale! This is the beginning of the end for this Culinary Capitol, since it has lost the title of the Entertainment Capitol, with the acrobats dangling in every showroom!

  7. “And if you douches dont know who this is yet, “that shits got made flave yo”. i’ll see you when I’m dining at your restaurants.

    dont give too shits how tuff you think you are – fucking lets see how you do in Vegas. Fucking desert will eat you up in a heart beat.

    Peace out.”

    Wow. And this scumbag wonders why he is working in a kitchen for someone else?

  8. I’m very disappointed to hear that B.O. is closing. I have enjoyed many fine meals at both lounge and the dining room.
    FWIW, if you google “gordon ramsay vegas pub” you will find all kinds of info on his supposed new restaurants (3 in total) at Ceasars. It appears that Rowen Seibel (Serendipity) is a major investor and that Ceasars will have management and creative control. It’s reported that Ramsay will have creative input only and will come and grace the properties with his presence from time to time. meh…

  9. reading this is like listening to people talk about some dead guy they barely knew, barely liked and never talked to but always wanted to. the restaurant was good, but only people who worked there would say it was one of the best in vegas. the chef is a never present degenerate, and Bryan is the same way. is it a good restaurant but the prices are so ass-fuckingly high (i assume to make it profitable, since their chef team is famous for having no business acumen or ability to maintain a reasonable food cost) that you really feel dirty when you leave, especially when you see the chef’s at the black jack table before the last couple of tables have gone out.
    peace out

  10. For the first three years this place was opened, it was fantastic and I ate there many times weekly. After Adam Sobel left I slowed down my patronage and stopped completely after David Varley left. Yes, the kitchen produced very good food and for the first few years great food. I’m sure Harrah’s bean-counters had an effect on the place too, as it was definitely apparent the food quality dropped when they took over from Caesar’s. I remember, I would walk by and look at the first Thanksgiving menu posted on the wall near the bathrooms, and reflect on how the menu changed form those first few years. Despite the Chef’s personal issues, we were lucky to have this restaurant here. The food this kitchen produced during those first 3 to 4 years schooled this man’s palate on what good american food should be like and I am sorry as this place really could have been great.

  11. I was recruited to work for Caesars in late 2005 and was flown in for some interviews, property tour, etc. That first night my wife and I were treated to dinner at Bradley Ogden. I had never met Chef Dave Varley before but was truly inspired by his passion for what he did – and at the level he performed. I ultimately took the job and had the privilege to work with Dave, Bradley, Bryan, Todd and a bunch of other talented people that worked in that restaurant, both front-of-house and back-of-house, for the next two-plus years. I’m sad to hear it’s closing, but will always consider it one of the best restaurants I’ve ever experienced, and a special place that unleashed an enormous amount of talent into the kitchens of Vegas and beyond. And, according to my wife, Dave Varley still makes the best gnocchi she’s ever tried.

  12. Mediocracy is taking over the culinary scene. Lot of the chefs in this town, like this rock star chef, who can make the best ice cube and cook good fried water are propped up by a few in media, who have no idea of cooking or the art. Puck and Ogden, who ventured to Vegas, were authentic chefs. They culitvated it as an art not like these bozo’s who are in it for the money. The affluent who had money are getting shrewd, since they have realised that they can cook the same dish at home (the Trader Joe’s ready to eat tastes more gourmet than this joker cooks at his high end place) and they are staying away in droves. We will see more of these places (Twp high end French restaurant on the Strip and on Flamingo) will close the doors and they will be working for Puck as Sous chefs.

  13. After all it was the young talented chefs there that got the award from JBF. Not Ogden himself. He was to busy chasing women and gambling.

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