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Since we were already in the Mandalay Bay (doing a little pre-opening check of FLEUR), we thought a better burger was befitting our beneficence.

So we begged for some boffo bison.

Lean, rare, coarsely ground, and perfectly cooked, it was a buffalo bonanza of beefiness….but with a lighter touch…and 30% less calories according to Burgermeister Keller himself.

It’s called the Hubert Keller Burger on the menu, and features sautéed onions, blue cheese and fresh spinach piled on top of the meat, all of it sandwiched between some remarkably fresh ciabatta bread.

Our staff even liked the Caesar salad. Not a great one, mind you, but not bad, especially for a burger bar.

Our lunch above, with a brewski, came to $40.


In the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89119



3 thoughts on “BURGER BAR Redux

  1. This has to be one of the occasions upon which I respectfully disagree with ELV.

    I went to Burger Bar for lunch in November with high expectations. I had the “Country Natural Burger” and it was one of the best beef burgers I’ve ever had–beefy, juicy and tasting of the meadows in which the bovines grazed. But that was the only saving grace from what was otherwise a less than stellar experience.

    The service was horrible–a wait of nearly 40 minutes from the time I ordered until the burger arrived. I was dumbfounded by the lack of attention to the service since one of the Manager’s was wandering through the dining room, seemingly unaware of the number of tables waiting, and waiting, for their food. (Even more curious was the fact that three people who appeared to be in Management positions were in a conference behind the bar talking about business yet oblivious to what was going on around them). One poor fellow was the only runner of food from the kitchen to the tables and he was literally sweating trying to get the plates out.

    The bun was cold and limp and would have been much better toasted with a smidgeon of butter, (a small offering I’d expect at this level of burger palace). Untoasted buns turn into wet sponges that disintegrate.

    The thin slice of tomato, pickle and sad shard of lettuce garnish looked like an afterthought, and I’m still kicking myself for ordering a $2.95 side of Peppercorn Cream Sauce, (which was runny and tasteless). I guess I should have taken the server’s suggestion and welcomed “a side of ranch,” (compliments of the house).

    Aside from the delicious quality of the meat, the onion rings were quite fine.

    I’m glad others who’ve dined at Burger Bar have had better experiences than mine. Next time I’ll settle for a burger cooked at home.

  2. I have never once had a bad meal at Burger Bar; it is one of my favorite restaurants in town. Those sweet potato fries are EVIL, though! I always want to chow down on 10 pounds of them at once.

  3. I found Burger Bar to be good, but not exceptional. There are many better burgers on the Strip in that price range. But I tend to prefer my meat garnished with as little as possible (because how can you even taste meat below fried onions and blue cheese?)
    I haven’t had the buffalo burger there, tho, just the Country Natural and the Kobe. I think RM right down the hall makes a better burger at lunch (hopefully that will stay after Adam Sobel leaves). My other strongest burger recommendations would be Mesa Grill (believe it or not) and KGB or Simon’s. Max Brenner’s burger is very good as well, in addition to all the other established faves….

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