CRAZY PITA Still Crazy Good

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It’s no secret ELV loathes Henderson and Green Valley. From the confusing streets (“it’s at the corner of Sunset and Sunset”) to the boring houses, to the mind-numbing shopping centers to the utter lack of anything good to eat for twenty square miles, we avoid the Southeast side of town like we do monster truck rallies.

There are only four reasons to ever….EVER trek east of Eastern and south of Tropicana to grab anything to eat: Valley Cheese and Wine (not a restaurant, just the best cheese/salumi store for a 250 mile radius), Todd’s Unique Dining, Settebello, and Crazy Pita.

The concept is casual Mediterranean, and some of the food is so good some of our less-casual “Mediterranean” joints should pay a visit to see how things like feta cheese salad, roasted cauliflower “Mediterranean” salad, roasted eggplant dip (aka baba ganoush) and other staples of this region are done right.

Our staff also favors the falafel, hummus and the couscous bowl with roasted squash — vegetarian food that even an old carnivore like ELV can get behind.

The spicy, herb-flecked lamb chops (call ahead for availability) are also some of the best in town…at half the cost you’ll find them at more formal places.

It’s really hard to fault any of the food here. The small menu keeps things simple for the cooks, and the quality of the end product is a testament to a finely-tuned operation that knows what it does best and keeps on doing it well.

Mediterranean food done right, at the right price….and so good it almost makes us enjoy our forays into this god-forsaken end of town.


Our meal for two above came to $44.


In the District at Green Valley Ranch (that is neither a district nor a ranch of any kind, as far as ELV can determine)

2225 Village Walk Drive #175

Henderson, NV 89502


8 thoughts on “CRAZY PITA Still Crazy Good

  1. Geez you are opinionated! Oh, oops, I guess that’s a good thing when you are writing about your opinions. I almost forget what you do and get a bit offended….almost.

  2. for someone that opposes the decline and obesity of western civilization, you do sure fit right in. Crazy pita my ass and that pictures says a thousand words with canned artichokes, canned roasted pepper, bulk packed kalamata olives, shitty ass out of season roma tomato, big ass chards off red onion, shitty ass iceburg lettuce, whatever cucumber slices and dressing in a plastic container; they cant even toss the shit.

    I ate at crazy pita once, and if I want packaged pita bread, ill get the shit at trader joes and make my own god damn crazy pita – and it sure the hell wont be as dry and rubbery.

  3. Cranky much ^… wow?

    John, Eric and I have had hit and miss meals at CP – but I will say that when I have askec them to keep the chicken whole – and bring my own container to put it in, we actually enjoy it more – that way the juices stay in the bird, not in the plastic — and it gets a chance to actually rest…something restaurants like this don’t really do properly.

  4. We feel the same way about Summerlin and certainly prefer Green Valley and Green Valley Ranch so……….no accounting for taste!!!!!!!!!!!!! (On either side, no doubt!

  5. Even though you find Henderson wanting. Have you tried Gaetano’s on Eastern Ave?


  6. Sounds like the kind of person from Manhattan who loathes Brooklyn, who hates Queens. I feel like Henderson is the new Park Slope, thanks.

  7. I think you should check yourself have you ever heard of a little shop called Manna i have tried other greek places and they seem to lack my favorite dish the “gyro”, manna i beleive has perfected the gyro also their tzatziki is A~MA~ZING!

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