CRAZY PITA Still Crazy Good

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It’s no secret ELV loathes Henderson and Green Valley. From the confusing streets (“it’s at the corner of Sunset and Sunset”) to the boring houses, to the mind-numbing shopping centers to the utter lack of anything good to eat for twenty square miles, we avoid the Southeast side of town like we do monster truck rallies.

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Just because:

> It’s such a bargain;

> It’s “family-friendly” and good — words that usually don’t collide in the same sentence in ELV’s world.

> The snaps on the KLAS TV segment don’t do it justice;

> The food is so tasty;

> We don’t give enough love to places in the Southeastern part of town (mainly ‘cuz there ain’t many good ones);

> Anything coated with Morrocan preserved lemons is a-ok with us, and;

> Brian Waddell is avid poster on our site (under his bwdining handle);

We thought we’d post a few more tasty snaps of the Middle-eastern delights of Crazy Pita.