Eric Klein – A Man and his Ham

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We love Eric Klein. Don’t get all nervous on us now. We speak not of the love that dare not speak its name…but more about a chef/customer bromance of the highest order.

Besides having the strongest handshake in the business, this top toque at the Spago stoves can cook just about anything — from pintxos to adobo, Alsatian to Italian — the man gets it right almost all the time.

He spent some time in Spain last month, and brought back one of the most delicious, well-aged, deepest-red, nuttiest and creamiest jamon de pata negras we’ve ever noshed on.

In honor of his trip, he’s also whipping those small bites of Basque finger food (usually served on bread) that are so good you’d never suspect a French-German dude made them.

He also asked if we wanted some fish, and then whipped up a perfect, peppery, snow-white, rich  block of Alaskan halibut for ELV and his dining companions. We told him it was one of the best pieces of fish we’d had in a long time, and we weren’t exaggerating.

To finish: Spago’s cookies…because ELV doesn’t consider a meal at Spago complete without his cookies.


In The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South #G1

Las Vegas, NV 89109-8909


1 thought on “Eric Klein – A Man and his Ham

  1. Eric Klein deserves his own place. Him at Spago, is like Lebron playing for the Cavs. Klein has carried the restaurant on his back long enough and needs to venture out to reach his full potential. He’s too talented and gifted to be working for restaurant with another chef’s name on the sign. Anyone at the Cosmopolitan listening??? Does Vegas really need another LBS copycat burger joint or an STK?? It seems like any new restaurant in Vegas is always a reproduction of something thats already been done some place else (STK, Blue Ribbon, Comme Ca). They’ll be busy when the hotel originally opens, but as soon as the hype dies down they’ll be practically empty 5-6 days a week making less money than Fukuburger. LoRusso’s, Klein’s, and Bartolotta’s are a rare breed, and a gift to Vegas. Tableau, Botero, and Ristorante di Mare are all amazing. I can’t wait for the day when Klein gets his opportunity.

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