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This Capital Grille cheeseburger wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either.

We ordered it medium rare, and it appeared on the far side of medium.

It possessed neither the rich, roasted beef flavor of a great burger, nor the fatty, fulfilling mouth feel of one.

The fries that came with it were so doused in truffle oil that our clothes were permeated with the musty-earthy-dirty-socks scent long after we left the restaurant.

It cost $18 and wasn’t worth it…nor is it in the same league with numerous burgers in town costing the same or less.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Fashion Show Mall

3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


8 thoughts on “CAPITAL GRILLE Cheeseburger

  1. In the burger’s defense: it looks decent. Fresh, room-temperature lettuce. Finely placed and sliced onions. Parsley on top of ze burger? a sin no less! The cheese, however, has melted so delicately. Only a cook with attention would offer this. So sad it tasted mediocre. That diese burger would be stupendous or insipid, my intuition caught it off the bat.

  2. Ever since Capital Grille was purchased by Olive Garden (Darden) about 3 years ago, I believe the quality of their food was dropped dramatically.

  3. The Cheeseburger at RM Seafood is hands down the best in town. Which replaced the Bradleys Cheeseburger that just isnt what it use to be. I also love the Cheeseburger at Smith and Wollinsky but RM is off the hook. Beefy flavor the right amount of fat and all the ratios of bread toppings, meat and cheese are perfect.

  4. First and foremost you cannot rate a restaurant not known for burgers and give them a bad review. That’s like going to ruth chris ordering a chicken breast and calling it dry. Better yet that’s like ordering fried catfish from Hot N Juicy crawfish and calling it over fried. Now be fair, if u cannot afford to eat what the restaurant is known for…then u should not do reviews anyway. I enjoy capital grille and in their defense it is not for people who order burgers. Go to strip Burger down stairs instead then order fries and give them a bad review.

  5. I have eaten burgers at many, many restaurants spanning across multiple prices and I would have to disagree with the initial review above. This burger basically melts in your mouth, the beef is extremely tasty and their toppings are uniquely complementing. I have eat 55 dollar kobe beef burgers and I found this burger to be much better at 2/5’s the price. I have years and years of burger consumption under my belt and gut, and I think you did an injustice to burger lovers everywhere with your review. I say try this burger! you won’t be disappointed!

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