LOTUS OF SIAM is Ready for Its Closeup

The renovations took two months longer than expected, and the wine bar won’t be fully operational for another two weeks, but here is your first look at the new, improved and expanded Lotus of Siam.

It will be, by far, the classiest digs in all of Commercial Center, but Saipin Chutima assures us not a darn thing’s gonna change on the menu…and America’s best German wine list promises to just keep getting better and better.

Expect the wine bar to be packed with industry and non-industry oenophiles from the day it opens.

5 thoughts on “LOTUS OF SIAM is Ready for Its Closeup

  1. Lotus of Siam, the classiest joint in Commericial center. Like it has much to compete with, a swingers club, a gay club some other garbage and more garbage.

    You know, I went to this place for the first time last summer. All the hype and I was not impressed at all. Standard thai condiments, salads made of sysco premix, over cooked dry fried “snapper”. Pad thai noodles are regular and the prices are rediculious for food that possesses no finesse or authenticity, just standard thai flavors and I guess, a german wine list.

    Thats why people go there or thats why white people go there (there were so many americans (non-thai, regardless of citizenship) and tourist the time I went); coconut milk, chili, ginger, lime leaves, basil, lemon grass and noodles $16.95.

    now that the remodel is complete, prices going up 10-15% to pay for all that garbage furniture and new wine dispenser.

  2. Have to agree with you hype watcher. Count me as someone who finds LOS the most overhyped Thai joint in the country rather than the best.

    Half a dozen (or two dozen) eateries on spring mountain are just as- if not significantly more tasty.

    That said, their wine list IS the best of any Thai restaraunt in the country formerly known as america, and (hic) that makes it worth the trip.

  3. That makes three of us. I’ve been many times and was never impressed. The last trip was such a fiasco, both the food and service, that I have no intention of ever returning. They have sustained a decent reputation this long by being the only game in town. I suspect Mr. Curtis is recognized and well cared for there. As for me, I’ll slam a bottle of riesling at home with some Ocha take-out. Namaste is great though, and judging by the pictures, still a better looking restaurant.

  4. agreed!! lotus is just OK. i would much rather save me the trip over to the ‘ghetto’ and jus tto go Pin Kaow on eastern, it may not have as large of a menu selection, but its just as good. and who cares about a wine list at a thai place, thai food = beer!!!!!!
    the few times ive actually eaten IN the plae, service was poor, so if we plan on eating LOS i send the secretary to grab some take-out and eat at my desk!!!

  5. I have been eating here for years and have enjoyed many memorable family dinners here. We never get bored with the large dinner menu, there is always something new for us to try. I also make it down here with co-workers for the buffet lunch, the buffet is always fantastic and we always leave happily stuffed to finish the day at the office. Looking forward to eating here soon when the renovations are done.

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