SILK ROAD Breakfast

(Update: Effective March 1,  Silk Road  is no longer open for dinner.)

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that yesterday we had one of the all time worst corned beef hashes known to man. The particular abomination came to us via Mr. Lucky’s — the 24/7 restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel that used to be known for some pretty spectacular coffee-shop/diner food.

Years ago, we looked forward to chowing down on everything from club sandwiches to pancakes to a first class reuben here. Unfortunately, if our meal was any indication, the mighty has fallen into serving stale bread and gristly hash that Hormel’s puts to shame. (In texture and appearance, our plate resembled a pile of dog food onto which three, odd, almost yolk-less poached eggs were placed.)

So put off were we by this third rate fare that we hightailed it over to Silk Road this morning — where we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

And we weren’t — by either a tasty, house made boudin noir, a unique, deep-fried, square block of apple-stuffed French toast (in a slightly too sweet caramel sauce), or by what we at ELV consider the best coffee in town: Illy fresh ground beans served in a French press.

We swore off coffee years ago, mainly ‘cuz it made us act like this, but this version is so good (and smooth, and amazingly free of acid), that we’d drink a pot every day.

Sure it was a $60 breakfast (for two)…but our shitty one at Mr. Lucky’s cost 23 bucks (for one)…and, unlike yesterday, we left the Vdara Hotel wondering when we could return for more of Martin Heierling‘s tasty fare.

8 thoughts on “SILK ROAD Breakfast

  1. come on now john!!!! heirling doesnt make the coffee great, Illy does, I sure hope your service and food was better then mine, im sure you were the only people in the place when you ate, so it should have been a speedy meal (wait a sec, so was my group and it took 2 hours just to get a few lunch entrees!!!)
    i would steer clear of this place, walk across the round about and have a croissant at JP pastry !!!!! or any of the eateries for that matter!

  2. Silk Road is truly a great restaurant at CityCenter, have enjoyed two dinners there since they have opened. Being a local, this is my new go-to place on the Strip when company is in town. The access on Harmon is extremely convenient. Will definitely go back soon to treat ourselves to French press coffee and the boudin noir French toast – it sounds amazing. Thanks for the recommendation John!*

  3. Why didn’t you try the hash at Silk Road to make up for your bad one??? I’ve had it and thought it was tasty–as well as beautifully presented.

  4. Amore Patisserie at Mandarin Oriental is doing some great pastries, sandwiches, etc. Haven’t tried Silk yet but will very soon.

  5. Silk Road’s Lobster Chopped Salad is pretty great as well. Hell, I’d fly into Vegas any day of the week just to sit in the Grapefruit-Pod-Booths at Silk Road again.

  6. Hi john , my name is Kristy my husband and I own a small family owned business called chefs palate martini and wine bar. I would love to offer you dinner for two . We have been in business for one year now. We studied in napa ca. My husband a chef at lake las vegas for 7 years and my self a FOH manger for paris and ceasars. We would love your opinion for our dining experince. We are located by anthem on eastern and horizon ridge. I hope we get the pleasure of serving you. Thank You.. Sincerley , Kristy George

  7. Sorry, but the misplaced, and useless anyway, accent on the “Chefs Palate’ ” signage and advertising is enough to keep me away. If there is some clever reason for the mistake please let me know.

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