FERRARO’S -The Return of Nicky Blair’s

Does anyone but ELV remember Nicky Blair’s? Ole Nicky was quite the SoCal restaurateur — known for catering to the celebs and high-rollers in LaLa land — when he brought his cheesy vibe to Paradise Road in the mid-90’s. For a couple of years the place was hopping with every nouveau riche, Gucci-clad developer, conventioneer and big shot wannabe in town.

At the time (and this was around 1995 if memory serves), yours truly commented that NB’s was the second coming of Chateau Vegas — a place known in the ’70’s and ’80’s for being the haunt of semi-reputable swells and middle-managers of all sorts. (Piero’s corners the market on this crowd these days.)

Well, Nicky’s is back (sort of), and Piero’s should be worried. Because Gino and Mimmo Ferraro have moved their operation to Paradise Road, across from the Hard Rock Hotel, and the joint is jumping with ham-fisted bidness guys, expense-account types and lovers of semi-authentic Eye-talian food.

Concessions to modernity have been made: there’s one of those wine dispensers where you put your card in and pay more for a glass than it’s worth. There’s also a bar menu, nice outdoor seating, and several banquet rooms equipped with the mandatory flat screen.

It’s a smart move for the Ferraro’s. They immediately get greater access to the casino/convention crowds, old time regulars can still find it, and their wine and liquor sales should increase geometrically.

What about the food you ask? We’ll leave that for another time…after we’re done playing chess with grappa-filled crystal chess pieces (see above).

Like we said….classy.


4480 Paradise Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89169



6 thoughts on “FERRARO’S -The Return of Nicky Blair’s

  1. Beautiful restaurant. I was told that the Burrata (and I use a captial “B” because it is worthy) is made at the restaurant and it is the best in town. Order it at lunch as a substitute for the mozzarella caprese.

  2. The room is exactly the design it needs to be, it’s lovely – I’d pick this location over AGO across the road. Perfect place to meet after work, for those folks who won’t treck through a casino, nicer than the other casual places on Paradise, but not the commitment of the smarter places on Paradise.

  3. ToR-Dub. I have been through the kitchen at Ferraro’s and you could eat off the floor. I don’t know what you saw but it wasn’t Ferraro’s Kitchen. The restaurant is
    absolutely gorgeous and from what I hear, the outside patio is the place to be with a
    fire pit, bocce ball court, misters, outside bar service. I can’t wait for a nice day here in Vegas to enjoy it.

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