THE MAD GREEK – Mediocrity In Our Midst

Pita bread that looks (and tastes) like a slightly stale pancake (no pocket or fluffiness allowed). A salad unfettered by a surfeit of feckless feta, garlanded with grotesque, grainy tomatoes, atop loads of stale lettuce and disgusting gyro meat with a cheap vinaigrette plastered atop it — yeah, we at ELV were right at home at lunch today.

We spent $20 and decided this food is only worth it when you’re starving between here and Barstow.

Why did we bother you ask? Because we never tire of seeing what abominations our countrymen foist upon the credulous public in the name of this once noble cuisine.

At least the baklava was good. We think our yia yia would’ve approved of it.


3049 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


5 thoughts on “THE MAD GREEK – Mediocrity In Our Midst

  1. I almost always stop at the original Mad Greek in Baker, where the pastries and baklava is excellent, the pita is fresh and warm, and the hummus is tasty. I was excited to see that we’d have one in town.

    All it took was one visit to be incredibly dsappointed; my food was borderline inedible. Sad.

  2. The horror! This pressed meat crap is better suited for construction of cheap furniture. There are Gyro shops on every corner in Greece and they all use real cuts of beef sliced to order. Never mind tomatoes, ban this shit all year round. The charm of the original Mad Greek is that it is in Baker, it’s strip location is the equivalent of putting a giant thermometer next to the Eiffel Tower.

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