Small Bites at GUY SAVOY

We at ELV like to go to extremes. So a red hot in the morning, followed by the world’s greatest ham at night, is right in our wheelhouse.

Of course, man does not live by Jamon Iberico de pata negra de bellota alone, so, of course, there were a few nibbles of ethereal crispy sweetbreads with potato and black truffle chips and two mini-mini-burgers “A la Francaise” — that may be the last word in one-bite sliders.

And let’s not forget a roasted scallop with Royale chanterelles, haricot verts and jus “terre et mer” (land and sea) that takes the whole surf and turf thing to its highest level of refinement.

None of this comes cheap, but $40 is a small price to pay for four bites of the best food on the planet.

And for the ultimate GS fan, you can now download a Guy Savoy app on your iPhone. How cool is that?