Hosting and Malware update

It recently came to our attention that some of ELV’s loyal (and sometimes rabid) fans could not access the site due to malware/spyware blocking programs.

After furrowing our brows and scanning the site, we found no sign of infection.  However, we share hosting with many other websites on the same server and one of them is the proverbial bad apple.  Sadly, some of these spyware programs just block based on IP address, so all sites hosted on that server end up being blocked as well.

I have contacted our hosting company and they are setting up a dedicated address for us, so this should not happen again in the future.  It may take a day or so for the changes to take effect.

The site is scanned by Google every day and is free of all the nasties the internet is known for.  If you encounter this problem again (or any problem with the site), please feel free to contact us.  Thanks.

1 thought on “Hosting and Malware update

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