Pete Rosa spent six hours at a Sysco warehouse tasting hot dogs until he came up with the thick, garlicky, slightly smoky foot long beauty he serves from 8-6 every weekday at the corner of East Charleston Blvd. and Sixth Street.

He’ll load it up with chili, cheese, sauerkraut, relish, onions and ketchup if you’d like, but it’s damn tasty in it’s own right.

He also does a pretty fair meatball sub too, and dispenses homespun wisdom for free.

Rosa will tell you at the drop of a hat about how he wanted to open on Fremont Street (eight months ago), but the Health Department regulations (written, no doubt, by the casino industry) prohibit cooked food from being served on the public/private sidewalk that fronts those bastions of gourmandia like The Fremont, Binion’s and Fitzgerald’s.

So he’s servin’ his red hots a mile up the street in a parking lot outside of a bar. And doin’ a pretty darn good business regardless.

Our meal of a big, juicy, beautiful tube steak and a diet soda came to $3.

Just thought you’d like to know.

7 thoughts on “THE HOT DOG GUY

  1. I’ve stopped by the Hot Dog Guy’s place many times and have never had a bad meal and what a deal! Pete Rosa (the hot dog guy) is a sweetie pie and probably one of the nicer people you will ever meet. You gotta try the meatball sub and his FOOTLONG…you won’t be sorry. Great review John, you hit the mark reviewing one of a kind.


  2. I took the wife and kids to Pete’s place while we were in town from Utah. Amazing quality and price. My son could barely finish the footlong! I had the mini meatball and have to say that is the best marinara sauce I have had on a meatball. The best part was that the whole thing was less than $20!

  3. Haven’t had one of the Hot Dog guy’s dogs yet, but you’re making me hungry (with all of these advertisements).

    See you in Las Vegas soon!

    Pat, your cuz

  4. Wow! I have seen the “Hot Dog Guy” set up his gig daily as I drive to UMC for work Monday-Friday. I assumed he had a great business since he is out there setting up every morning close to 8am. I thought if I can evey get out of my job early, I have to go try one of these Hot Dogs. Well, Nevada Day was it. I left work went to visit the “Hot Dog Guy,” and will never be sorry I did. Hot Dog, with cheese and hopped Jalapeno peppers as relish (of course, you can make one to your own liking) WOW! What a hot Dog. Glad I stopped. He took my business card and emailed me his “New” menu. Now, I will not wait to get off early to go, I will just load the car with my UMC lunch crowd and go see the “Hot Dog Guy” with the lunch gang. Thanks for being there! Keep up the great work.

  5. I stopped by and had a very tasty meatball sandwich. My husband had a delicious foot long hotdog. We both were delighted by the excellent quality and cleanliness. Pete is a wonderful host. We are sure to stop by again. This is a great find and affordable!

  6. It looks like the Hot Dog Guy has now moved inside the Huntridge Drug Store (1144 East Charleston), across the street from where the cart used to be. So anyone not wanting to grab one in the cold winter months does not have to worry about that anymore.

  7. Stoped by the Hot Dog Guys place on our way to Anaheim. Great lunch. Love the diner. Thanks Pete and Zelda. Love you guys, James and Cheryl

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