A sushi bar has no business sharing space with a noodle shop, unless you’re in a big, Las Vegas, middle-brow gambling hall where you figure the patrons won’t know what a lousy marriage that is (and mostly they won’t).

The jack of all trades is usually master of none, so you can expect bizarre sushi combos (lemon shrimp and bacon(?) and egg rolls), and “Singapore” curry noodles that are flash cooked to order, but taste like any old mundane curry from a can.

And if you love fried, salt and pepper calamari (in bulk), you’ll love the giant pieces they throw at you here, coated with enough breading to re-upholster a love seat.

The baby bok choy with bits of salty (preserved) fish ($14) was the only highlight of the meal — tasting just like it does on Spring Mountain Road — albeit at twice the price.

The only reason ELV and his staff were in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino was because The Food GalĀ® had read about the cool, anime costumes the staff at DNC were supposedly dressed in. (She being all trendy and such, and a slave to fashion if you get our drift…) We love David Schwartz (who authored the article), and admire both his historical and business acumen, but we doubt he tried the food.

We saw one little gal in pigtails and a nurse’s outfit and that was it. So we decided to animate ourselves right out of the Monte Carlo, never to return again except at the point of a gun.

Our meal for two came to $96 + a $20 tip. Better food at half the price is available all over town.


In the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino

3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109