Thar’s Nuttin’ Lak a Passel o’ Raw Frog Meat ta Git Ar Juices Flowin’

We love the Noodle Palace. We really do.

Its won ton soup is a thing of beauty. The stock rich, clear, yet strong with chicken flavor. The won ton skins unbelievably thin, and containing a luscious mixture of pork and shrimp.

Almost everything we’ve ever had here has been superb (they also do they best potstickers in town)…that is, until we lept at the frog’s meat (legs), to our everlasting bemusement and regret.

Half of them were fine, the other, fleshier half, pretty much raw.

And the trouble was, we’d eaten three quarters of the whole dish before we recognized we were eating uncooked amphibian.

So we wanted to complain, but there’s the whole language barrier thing and all that…so we smiled and paid the bill and figured that’s the way the cook must like ’em.

And ya know what? Raw or cooked, the little leapers were mighty tasty…and if nothing else, they inspired the following (bad) haiku:

Undercooked frog’s meat

Mutes won ton soup’s excellence

Should stick to noodles

The above meal cost $28.00, including tip.


5115 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146-8720


1 thought on “Thar’s Nuttin’ Lak a Passel o’ Raw Frog Meat ta Git Ar Juices Flowin’

  1. slow night, so I couldnt help myself. Here’s my haiku in response:

    Ponder this Frog’s fate:
    Fast, but not faster than ELV
    too bad you taste good.

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