Problematically PINK’S

Is Pink’s the worst hot dog we’ve ever had? Well, there were those turkey dogs someone foisted on us at a Cub Scout picnic years ago….and lets not forget tofu dogs, and veggie protein links…all of which we’ve tried in the name of…er…uh…research.

But as tube steaks go, Pink’s takes the cake for flavorless messes. And expensive ones to boot.

First of all, the hot itself is none too big. It may be long, but there’s not much too it. Seasonings (of the sausage itself) are scant, and the whole thing gets lost in a big squishy bun that is clearly over-matched by the condiments heaped upon it.

Our Showgirl Dog ($6.75) only showed itself to be a gooey mess that separated itself from the aforementioned tasteless dog after one bite, and we were left with a large glop of relish, onions bacon, tomatoes, sauerkraut and sour cream to be either picked through or struggled with throughout the rest of the meal. Upon first viewing it we remarked, “I’m gonna need a fork.” The Food GalĀ® responded, “A forklift is more like it.” And she was right.

And then there’s the Chili Dog ($5.50). It is napped in a brown, grainy, vaguely chili-like substance, that appears to be a distant relative of the real thing. Whether it actually contains meat or not is questionable, and your enjoyment of same will be problematical or not, depending on the intimacy of your relationship with Hormel or Dinty Moore.

Our meal of two hot dogs, an order of fries, and a drink came to $20. Next time we’ll drive to Los Angeles.


In front of the Miracle Mile Shoppes at Planet Hollywood

14 thoughts on “Problematically PINK’S

  1. I agree. It is one of the worst hot dogs I have ever had. I cannot understand all the hype. I know that most everything out of L.A. is very overrated and you should be skeptical of anyone from L.A. saying something is “great” or “the best” but this hot dog was just awful.

  2. Mr. ELV-

    Hey! I’ve eaten Smart Dogs… Oh yeah, and they suck. But really, next time you want to please some vegetarians/vegans buy either the Tofurky Italian (Meatless) Sausages available at most fine grocers or the Trader Joe’s Italian (Meatless) Sausages available at you-know-where. Yes, they’re THAT GOOD!


    Hey! Not everything out of LA is hype… OK, most of it is. We from Orange County know. Still, there are some truly worthy restaurants from Santa Monica to Pasadena. Sadly, Pink’s isn’t one of them. If the LV location isn’t even as edible as the LA stand, then don’t bother.

  3. Ironically, Farmer Boys (the newest fast food joint from Cali that has opened up here in Vegas now) has a pretty good dog. And its not $6!!

    ATDLEFT- next time you are in the O.C., try JERRYS DOGS…they are wood fire grilled and tasty as hell…new location at the Marketplace on Jamboree…

  4. Troy-

    Thanks! I’ll be visiting the family in OC for Thanksgiving, so I’ll try to head to Jerry’s Dogs (not to be confused with the now defunct Jerry’s Deli in Costa Mesa). And YAY, another OC exile in LV!

  5. A little shack on Lake Mead near Boulder Highway has great, Sabrett Chicago dogs. So does Chicago Hot Dogs on North Rancho. ELV doesn’t know if there’s a superior Kosher dog stand anywhere in town (although there should be).
    Even Der Weinerschnitzel’s are superior to Pink’s…

  6. The 1/2 pounders at Slots-o-Fun (next to Circus Circus) used to be a pretty decent dog and were only $0.99. Haven’t been there in a while so don’t know if Slots is still there and if so how the dogs are now (probably not 99 cents anymore either-LOL).

  7. ELV, are you aware that sabrett hotdos are from NY, not chicago!!!!!! the stand on lake mead across from st rose hospital serves vienna beef hot dos, get your facts correct once again

  8. ELV is reminded of that famous aphorism by Mark Twain (or Oscar Wilde or Emily Dickinson…we’re not sure who): “Tiny victories are the hobgoblins of little minds.”

    And if we’re not mistaken, Sabretts and Vienna dos get equal billing at the aforementioned hot dos stand on Lake Mead…but we haven’t been in awhile.

    After checking out the prices of their dogs online, I figured a couple specialty dogs, fries and a drink could be had for a $10 bill. WRONG !! Pink’s here in Las Vegas jacked up the prices to something absurd, one naked dog, fries and drink…$12….Screw this place. And it was hardly even good, couldn’t taste the dog under the crap they put on it, soggy bun, mcdonalds fries, and sit in the cold outside, no indoor seating, amazing !!

  10. When I was a kid (now 64). Pink’s was a local joint to hang out at and eat chili dogs at 2 in the morning. These were the days when you could walk right up without waiting and get your dogs ASAP.

    I can recall one day when I was there and I caught Mr. Pink mixing a big batch of his chili. I inquired, “do you like eating that stuff?” He responded, “I wouldn’t eat this crap if you payed me!” Take it from there.

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