When André Rochat closed his namesake restaurant downtown in 2009, it’s safe to say that nary a tear was shed around the ELV offices.

The story of the cheesecloth-skinned chef tossing me from Alize (one of three restaurants he once owned) in 2002 is pretty well known in our humble burg, and we never tire of showing the (mostly) rave review/profile we wrote about him (in April 1999) that inexplicably set him off and led to our banishment. (Yes, we didn’t care for a few items, and felt some wine bottles were massively overpriced, but on the whole, we sang his praises left and right.)

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EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants – 22. YUSHO

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Yusho is the only restaurant in Las Vegas that would have made a bigger splash (and been a bigger hit) had it opened off the Strip, instead of (literally) on the Strip. To be more precise: on a Strip-facing corner of the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, where tourists seeking another artisanal beverage stroll on by (oblivious to the mastery before them), and locals wouldn’t venture if the beer were free and Joël Robuchon was the sous chef.

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