Another Monday, Another NAMASTE Meal

There’s only so much praise we can give one restaurant, so let’s just say (for the last time for awhile) that Namaste is a restaurant that we could eat in every day.

Because the tandoori chicken being put out by Chef Om Singh is like something you’ve never tasted before. And by “before” we mean the red-dyed, generic, dried-out stuff that’s shoveled at you in 90% of the Indian restaurants in America.

This tandoori comes out juicy, flecked with herbs, and backed with some serious heat. We meant to inquire about just what these “exotic Indian spices” are, but were too busy licking our fingers to talk.

P.S. Singh was formerly the chef at Tamba on The Strip…not to be confused with Nambla.

40 thoughts on “Another Monday, Another NAMASTE Meal

  1. Indeed ELV, Namaste is a terrific find. (Not that you have to be Columbus or some other now discredited explorer- what with it being NEXT DOOR to LOS.)

    The tandoori chicken was elegeantly prerpared while the vegetable curry had not a hint of cocunut or butter, a magnificent preparation.

    Less is more at Namaste and the Chef highlights the ingredients without overdoing the spices.

    And $8.99 for the buffet? Gee, thats what a lousy sandwich meal will set you back at Quiznos.

    Run, don’t walk to Namaste.

  2. I won’t be trying this place for a while. Last thing I need is food poisoning from a dirty facility. YUCK!

  3. I love this place Best indian food i had for a long time ,i have tried all the places in las vegas.
    I had my Birthday Party on Oct 17th and my friends on oct 24th
    this guys are great
    I will be back to Namaste great place

  4. Let’s be entirely frank: Everyone makes mistakes and oversights when they open a restaurant. Namaste obviously made some egregious errors in regards to health standards when they first opened. But I can personally attest that the place is now clean, open, and delicious. I’ve only been once, but I’ll be back. And we should all consider what one little comment can do to a month old restaurant. Go support this local gem!

  5. The food is so good the place is definitely a gem. After reading bwdining review I was amazed there are still sincere people in this world who are true . I m definitely supporting this great place.

  6. I don’t own a restaurant. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Namaste and have been wanting to go. Seeing that restaurant report in the RJ makes me think twice about trying it. I just wanted to post what I saw in the newspaper & see what you guys thought.

  7. I can’t wait to try this place out. I just went to Tortas El Rey and watched the guy making my burrito manhandle my meat without a glove on. If I can eat that, I will eat anything!

  8. I ate there yesterday …Very delicious , beautiful place compared to Indian restaurants I ve been to. Try there coconut shrimp curry quite a meal!

  9. No, don’t own a restaurant at all, but have been involved in the industry back-of-house and front-of-house for years and 44 demerits, anytime, isn’t ok. glad they fixed it – don’t like to see local business people fail – but it’s not that hard to keep it clean.

  10. Try their appetizers veg samos and chat papdi , they are the best! I ordered chicken tikka masala garlic naan and roti that was so fulfilling . Great food! Great service! Amazzzzinnnnnngggggggg

  11. For $9 buffet huge selection and desert … I m definetely A loyal customer to this new Indian place… Keep it up Namaste!

  12. Rumor on the street is that Chef Om Singh has left Namaste and gone back to Tamba. Anyone know if there is truth to this?

  13. All I care is the food we got last night at the party I held at Namaste was as awesome as always. I agree with you Aaron they have definitely made me loyal customer. With perfect blend of spices and fresh naan breads they serve at your table for buffet unlike usual Indian restaurants which keeps the naan out forever. The food was great yesterday .thank you everyone at Namaste for making my party wonderful.

  14. The best Indian food I had last night in Las Vegas after a long long time.
    My fiancé ordererd chicken curry and the flavor was so good that we had to order one more .lol

  15. I went for lunch buffet at this restaurant today as it’s walking distance from my work at Hilton hotel. I was very happy that such great Indian food exist right across from my work.

  16. Namaste is a Indian gem in las Vegas. I come to sincity every often and loved the perspective of this new restaurant owned by a young man. I am impressed by him and his new venture. I wish him success!! Good luck!

  17. Hey Guys! I am from Santa Monica California. I had dinner at Namaste day before and just one word describes this restaurant……….WWWOOWW!!
    I loved every bit of my time there!

  18. Terrible restaurant. In a dumply strip mall. Did not see a Punjabi chef – just south indian waiters.
    Dont waste $20 cab ride for bad food.

  19. Terrible restaurant. In a dumply strip mall. Did not see a Punjabi chef – just south indian waiters.
    Dont waste $20 cab ride for bad food.

  20. Simply The best Indian restaurant in town! Try the chicken xacutti and lamb kebabs – best of the best!

  21. Every time I eat at Namaste I get the very best food and service! great place for friends and family unions. Love it!

  22. Ken-Do we care who is cooking at Namaste? As long as we are served great authentic Indian curries in town and not dripping oil running potli samosas and prawn in pomegranate sauce… YUCk!
    I m definitely not judging fusion slash Indian restaurant but dude we need original taste.

  23. Namaste has reminded me of California ‘s india palace. Extremely flavored traditional indian curry from back home that we crave. Chicken curry and Rohan Josh are some to name.

  24. yanek-yes we do care who is cooking. sort of an important role in a restaurant wouldn’t you agree? if the food can be executed by just anyone, than that says a lot about what is being served.

  25. Try to have Om Singh whip out something Nepali, something he does far better than the superb Indian stuff he’s putting out

  26. Ken- that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Food at Namaste has better quality than ever because it’s someone cooking and not anyone. Unlike Chef Vivek who who had no idea what he was doing and cooking at Origin india’s kitchen for years as we both agree “it cannot be executed by ANYONE”. We all know how tasteless his food was. Well hopefully new chef they got would turn things for them.

  27. I am visiting Vegas at the end of this month.
    The comments seems mixture and I don’t know if that’s a best place to eat Indian Food.

    Can anyone suggest some other Indian & Pakistani restuarants?

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