PEPPERMILL on News 88.9 FM KNPR – Nevada Public Radio + Letter Of The Week

Click here to hear our review of the Peppermill last week, and then read on for a listener’s disagreement with same (sent to the restaurant and copied to Nevada Public Radio by the author).

All we can say is: ELV regrets his lack of appreciation for the resplendent decor:

Dear Peppermill Restaurant;

I had just left your parking lot early last week night when I heard the negative review on KNPR by John Curtas. I write to differ. I’ve been in the restaurant biz and a traveler who enjoys a good meal for many years. I had heard of the Peppermill for the 15-20 years I’ve been coming to Las Vegas but had never stopped. I ended up at the counter having the steak and lo mein salad. It was perfect.

The décor was resplendent. The room was lightly tabled and all spread out, warm and fuzzy with warm neon and mirrors and an easy to access parking lot was very welcome. I wish I’d had a guest to occupy a booth. The service was fast, attractive, got everything right, and cheerful. Sitting alone at a booth can be lonely but there was enough going on that it never dragged.

Listening to Mr. Curtas I admit it seemed that his current experience dining at your place had been influenced by regular visits in the far past with his father. My sense is he wanted it just like the old days and he did not care for the needed changes and intoned his father’s shtick regarding high prices. I can only imagine your taxes and upkeep at your location but I assume it is not the same as if you were out of town somewhere. Given the location I found the prices to be reasonably high but fair and well worth what I received. What more can one ask?

The next night I came back for a sundae (after losing at poker, one needs consolation) 7.95 and as big as my head. It was perfect. Anyway; I am sorry I never visited your place before and I will in the future. It struck me as one of the best small businesses on “the strip.” How refreshing that a cool little restaurant can stand toe to toe with the big casinos without gaming to cover the costs of operating all those casino eateries. Keep up the good work.

Love That Lo Mein Mike