Diner Time Machine – PEPPERMILL

ELV note: The following article appears in the current edition of VEGAS magazine, but since we couldn’t find it online, our staff thought you might like to read it in this format.

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Diner Time Machine

by John Curtas

The Peppermill exists within a space-time continuum of its own creation. What has become a time warp anomaly, burst upon Vegas’s restaurant universe on December 26, 1972 — when Richard Nixon was still celebrating his landslide second election, the Vietnam war was dragging on, and neckties were wider than a baby’s bib. On that day, William Paganetti and Nate Carisali opened an offshoot of their Reno “Peppermill Inn” in a free-standing building on Las Vegas Boulevard South, across the street from the Stardust Hotel and Casino. Little did they know they were boldly going where no restaurant has gone before or since.

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PEPPERMILL on News 88.9 FM KNPR – Nevada Public Radio + Letter Of The Week

Click here to hear our review of the Peppermill last week, and then read on for a listener’s disagreement with same (sent to the restaurant and copied to Nevada Public Radio by the author).

All we can say is: ELV regrets his lack of appreciation for the resplendent decor:

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It was our Dad’s favorite restaurant. He used to order the Fruit Ambrosia platter (inexplicably listed under “Drinks” on the menu), and revel in its size, whilst ELV (in his younger, thinner, surlier days) would fume over being forced to eat there. What he got was a bunch of fruit (some ripe, some not-so) and a big scoop or two of cottage cheese. For this they get $7.50 and a lot of ohhs and ahhs over the size of the damn thing.

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