BRADLEY OGDEN Burger Victorious on CBS Morning News. Cat Cora and Todd English Gracious In Defeat.

As trumpeted by The World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic* (and now confirmed this morning by Harry Smith and the CBS Morning News crew), Bradley Ogden does indeed cook what may be the world’s greatest burger.

So good did all three burgers look, you can practically smell them through the ether. English tried to bribe the judges with a martini (at 8:30 AM EST- way to go Todd!), while Cora waited until the more civilized hour of 9 AM to “Uncork” on The Widow.

As tasty as these video burgers are, if you want to watch Bradley O. cook one of these puppies up close and personal, you’ll just have to plan on attending Vegas Uncork’d!

Enjoy the video and here is the link to the recipes.

Jeez Louise….two recipe posts back to back! Don’t worry food fans, ELV ain’t goin’ all Dorie Greenspan on you. Soon enough we’ll be back to our old, snarky selves.


* Self-proclaimed, but also heartily endorsed as such the world over by folks like this.

7 thoughts on “BRADLEY OGDEN Burger Victorious on CBS Morning News. Cat Cora and Todd English Gracious In Defeat.

  1. ELV, I personally met Dorie Greenspan last year at Vegas Uncork’d (which everyone should attend). She’s a beautiful, gracious lady (just like The Food Gal).

    John, you’re no Dorie Greenspan. You’re something else.

    What about the DB Burger from Daniel Boulud or the burgers from Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar? How would they rate?

  2. Last month I stopped in for Ogden’s burger as I’d heard about it from a friend. First one was overcooked and sent back. Second one was overcooked and sent back. Third one was overcooked but I ate it as I had to catch a plane. Of course being well done none of the three was juicy or particularly tasty. The GM apologised but did nothing about it. I wouldn’t even try this again. Execution is #1 and the burgers are always right at Burger Bar.

  3. I’d never heard of Ogden before a friend took me there during one trip to Vegas. I’d been to the Burger Bar before. Overrated. Ogden, however, served the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. Medium rare is the way to order this burger. Well done defeats the taste.

    $19.00 and worth every penny.

  4. David Varley, tomatoes were not out of season when I went to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market yesterday morning. Mind you, I’ll have to wait a while for the heirloom tomatoes.

    Are you going to be at Vegas Uncork’d in May?

  5. RW! Im suffering through the dregs of celery root season out here in DC. True seasonality is defined by what is available locally. Some are luckier than others, you sir are luckier than most. Slim chance ill make it to uncork’d but you never know. Take Care

  6. David #2 -Ryan Osasky must have been on the grill the night you sent back 3 burgers .

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