Just because:

> It’s such a bargain;

> It’s “family-friendly” and good — words that usually don’t collide in the same sentence in ELV’s world.

> The snaps on the KLAS TV segment don’t do it justice;

> The food is so tasty;

> We don’t give enough love to places in the Southeastern part of town (mainly ‘cuz there ain’t many good ones);

> Anything coated with Morrocan preserved lemons is a-ok with us, and;

> Brian Waddell is avid poster on our site (under his bwdining handle);

We thought we’d post a few more tasty snaps of the Middle-eastern delights of Crazy Pita.

4 thoughts on “CRAZY PITA

  1. I just want pat myself on the back praising these boys and for telling you about these guys back months ago in your “line up of chefs for city center”

  2. ELV, there you go again, giving away more local (Las) Vegan secrets (and deservedly so)! And you forgot to say how healthful the food is …

    I agree: Crazy Pita has good, tasty and healthful Middle Eastern food.
    Brian is a great guy, but he’s no Hot Hostess.

  3. I drive from Summerlin to eat at this wonderful Mid Eastern restaurant. They have the best hummus I’ve ever had!!

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