Letters of the Month – The Unimpressiveness of Vegas Uncork’d

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ELV note: For the first time in six years, yours truly did not attend a single event at Vegas Uncork’d. In this past half-decade, we have gone from being both a participant and reporter at the event to one whose excitement about it ranks somewhere between our boredom over the interminable NBA playoffs and our disgust about whatever stupid country music award show is in town this week. This makes ELV sad — both for the event and himself — as there was a time he when he felt these four days in May would be the defining event in the history of the Las Vegas dining revolution. Alas, like Camelot, it was a fleeting aspiration that was not meant to be.

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Adam Rapoport Wants to be Interviewed

Here’s what the p.r. invitation said:

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and nightlife, but the culinary scene is quickly becoming the rising star on The Strip.

Adam Rapoport, the new celebrity editor-in-chief at Bon Appétit, is visiting Las Vegas Wednesday, October 26, to meet with people like yourself and discuss Vegas Uncork’d 2012. Here are some things that Adam can speak about that would be a good fit for your readers:

Why Las Vegas is an important place in today’s epicurean landscape

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Bon Appetit’s Restaurant Issue Ignores Las Vegas

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

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This is a photo of the current edition of Bon Appétit magazine. ELV finally got around to leafing through it yesterday and was struck by one thing: the complete absence of a single restaurant or chef from Las Vegas.

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