To be fair, it comes with a potato (how retro!), and some very good vegetables, or an extremely good black bean soup — that soup comes with a jigger of sherry, just as it should. But what really set off the meal for us was the pitch perfect wedge of lettuce with bacon and blue cheese:

We opted for the dry-aged strip (with a little Kagoshima A-5 thrown in for good measure) and both cuts were the equal of anything in town. The basil ravioli with guanciale and chanterelles was no slouch either, and would’ve been right at home at B&B Ristorante. It, along with that superb spinach salad, had me and the Food Gal® fighting for the last bite.

But what really floated our boat (as it was clogging our arteries) was the duo of foie gras:


2 thoughts on “Aging Beef Gracefully – THE STEAKHOUSE and CHARLIE PALMER

  1. The Steak House has never disappointed me. Even if it’s not the “best steak house in Las Vegas” I always know I will get a good meal there in a comfortable environment. I happily acknowledge that I like “old school” and agree with John that it’s hard to find good old school anymore in LV.

    I’ve only eaten at CP once. It was not very memorable although I think we did find a bargain on the wine list (which is tough to do on the strip). I’ll have to give it another try.

  2. Also making a difference at CP is that they now have their own dedicated pastry chef, rather than sharing with Aureole. All in all a place on the move, in the right way.

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