Downtown Las Vegas is the Sandwich Capital of the World by Cierra Pedro)

Do you like a good sandwich?

I know I do.

If you’re like us and our staff, you think that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich did the world a solid in the 18th Century by placing his lunch meat between two pieces of bread:

(Photo by Jon Estrada)

….the better to expedite his eating and not interfere with his gambling habit.

Whether you subscribe to this English lineage (that some have called England’s greatest contribution to gastronomy), or to more ancient origins, there is no denying the toothsome quality of placing good proteins between two pieces of fluffy and fresh bread.

Whether your taste runs to compressing that bread, a la a Cuban sandwich at Siegel’s 1941:

….or grilling it, as in this delectable patty melt at Du-par’s:

…Downtown Las Vegas has a murder’s row of sandwich restaurants that will fill every craving.

At the top of the page is Le Pho’s justifiably famous Banh Mi Beef Dip, which takes a back seat not at all to Zydeco Po-Boys’ fried shrimp beauty:

…served (if you’re smart enough to order it this way) with maybe the best skinny fried onion rings on earth:

And if all of these animal proteins offend your tender, vegan sensibilities, you can always tuck into a most excellent veggie burger at VegeNation:

The king of all of these sandwich shops is, of course, The Goodwich:

…which never met a protein-veggie-bread combination it didn’t think it could improve upon.

And if those aren’t enough to convince you that Downtown Las Vegas is sandwich heaven, consider that downtown has two outlets of Capriotti’s — the original location on West Sahara and one in the Clark County Courthouse — where you can get the “world famous Bobbie”:

Image result for capriotti's bobbie

…or, as we like to call it, an entire Thanksgiving feast on a roll.

Not convinced that Downtown is the Sandwich Capital of the World? (Or at least Las Vegas?) Then feast your eyes on this concupiscent beauty:

Can corned beef get any better? Not unless you house-cure it for ten days like Martin Swift and Hansel Tan do at The Smashed Pig. (They also make their own Thousand Island dressing, and put the whole enchilada on a squishy, slightly sweet roll.)
Put it all together and you have the apotheosis of bread on meat, all within two square miles of sandwich eating bliss. Lest we forget our south of the border amigos, both La Comida and El Sombrero do some pretty mean tortas as well.
And, lest we forget our LBGT brethren (and sisterhood), the Bronze Cafe is no slouch in this department either.
We rest our case.
353 East Bonneville
1516 Las Vegas Blvd. South
In the El Cortez Hotel and Casino
600 Fremont Street
In the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino
One Fremont Street
616 East Carson Street
616 East Carson Street
322 West Sahara Ave.
200 Lewis Ave.
509 East Fremont Street
100 South 6th Street
807 South Main Street
401 South Maryland Parkway


7 thoughts on “Downtown Las Vegas is the Sandwich Capital of the World

  1. The Bobbie from Capriotti’s had slipped into the dark recesses of my mind. Living out of the county for 5 years can dull a person’s memory. Now sitting in the middle of the Kansas wasteland I find myself wondering if I can get one delivered …..

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve been planing to go to Vegas for a while now but I still don’t know where to stay, or what to eat, all I did was read about games and places to play on OddsBusters but I really wanted to know what I can do in LV besides playing. Now I’m addicted to your website, love it.

  3. Been at siegels 1941…that is not what the Miami Cuban looked like at all! And it was horrible! Sorry to say!

  4. There’s many good suggestions on there, but don’t forget the deli at Binions. Great corned beef, pastrami, and brisket sandwiches sliced fresh and served hot!

  5. And while this list is terrific, any mention of downtown sandwiches without Glutton or Carson Kitchen is incomplete. I know that is likely just an oversight when the list gets so long, but it can help for any visitors to our fair city.

  6. Jon on the topic of Tortas yes I know it’s not downtown but I urge you to give the LA Paquita at Las Famosas De Jose a try. I recommend the location on Tropicana because it is a little more safe. If you are packing heat then head over to twain. This is the ultimate torta. Additionally, it may be the best way to stress test your cardiovascular system. It includes ham, breaded beef, leg of lamb, chicken, chorizo, egg, sausage, and some other stuff….. you get the point..

    Lastly, anything at Goodwich is the greatest sandwich I’ve ever experienced.. reading this is making me head there now.

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