Coming Soon: YUI EDOMAE SUSHI – The Return of Gen-San

It won’t be open until Labor Day, and it’s harder to find than a Mormon at a wine tasting, but Yui Edomae Sushi, promises to be one of the major restaurant openings of the year.

That’s because it marks the return of Gen-san (Genichi Mizoguchi), the sushi master who opened and brought Kabuto to prominence several years ago.

What he and Kabuto also brought to Las Vegas was real edomaezushi — the classic, Tokyo-style of impeccably chosen fish on pristine-ly prepared rice — e.g. Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Between the chef and the restaurant, Vegas’s sushi-Q was raised tenfold; no longer were we compelled to the pisces purgatory of all-you-can-eat terrible tuna and raft after raft of repulsive rolls.

Those of you who have complained to our staff that Kabuto has dropped a notch or two should be pleased as punch.

The rest of us are waiting with baited breath (pun intended) for the construction to conclude — behind the building, beside American Shooter’s(?),  tucked into the corner of Arville and Spring Mountain Road:

We’ll see you there on September 1st.


(Address and phone number TBA)