If you know any thing about barbecue….or Las Vegas barbecue…or Las Vegas….or Eating Las Vegas for that matter, you know that we hold Vegas ‘cue in the same low esteem we usually reserve for fast food, Confederate flag wavers, and short-fingered vulgarians.

But thanks to The Food Gal®, Cody Taylor and his nephew Rex, things might be a changin’.

For were it not for FG’s attendance at a Chamber of Commerce business expo last month, ELV — the man, the myth, the conqueror of all things ‘cue — might’ve driven past the Hard Hat Lounge on Industrial Road another hundred times without sampling the goods.

To say we were cynical about yet another barbecue joint opening up (especially one in a dive bar on a forlorn stretch of road) is an understatement. We’ve seen all the good ones (Salt Lick, R.U.B., Memphis Championship on Rainbow, Little Joe’s, et al) open and close over the past 20 years, and gotten so depressed about the state of Vegas ‘cue IQ that we’ve taken to smoking our own meat on weekends.

But Cody’s Smokin’ Barbecue may yet make a believer out of us. They do a long, slow smoke on their pork, baby baby back and beef that you can actually taste! Imagine that? What a novel idea. Most locally owned barbecue joints in the Vegas Valley smell of bathroom disinfectant. Cody’s smacks you with smoke from the moment you park your car right through your first bite of brisket.

The pork is pulled properly and the sides (especially the baked beans) are no slouches either. The ribs may be a little too loose off the bone for our taste (the remaining two Memphis Championship stores on Warm Springs and in North Las Vegas get the nod over them in this respect), and we’re not as fond of mesquite smoke as they are, but from top to bottom, this is serious ‘cue made by men who are passionate about their product and know what they’re doing:

Our staff has even heard they bring in a righteous banana pudding — made by Crystal Whitford at O Face Doughnuts — and smoke salmon on Fridays — so what’s not to love?

All this because someone who likes smoked meats as much as ELV does monster truck rallies (i.e., the aforementioned Food Gal®) took one bite of Cody’s boffo barbecue, in a convention hall of all places, and thought we might be impressed.

Who’d a thunk it?


In the Hard Hat Lounge

1675 Industrial Road

Las Vegas, NV 89102


2 thoughts on “CODY’S is SMOKIN’ BARBECUE!

  1. I agree with your article except for one personal preference. I ate at Cody’s and complained to him that i had to bite my ribs off the bone. I personally like to pick up the rib and leave the meat behind.. Cody explained to me the championship standard which he had prepared that day. I told him me and the boys like falling off the bone delicious. So keep it falling off the bone Cody! I may not be published but I’m a 2 time a week customer that appreciates your style. I’ll see you Wednesday!

  2. How does it compare to Rollin Smoke and Roadkill Grill?
    (Only been to RS and RKG once, have not eaten at Cody’s yet).

    I really enjoyed the hot link and pulled pork at Rollin Smoke.

    I have been to Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, Texas (if you go you have to try the pork chops, OMG).

    IMHO, the problem with the Memphis BBQ on Rainbow was that it was inconsistent, sometimes great, sometimes mediocre. The ribs, when great, were some of the best i’ve had.

    -Happy Eating

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