Gourmet Vegan Tops Microbial, Macrobiotic Week for ELV


Who knew when we woke up early Monday morning such a week was in store for us?

It started with a 6am report on KLAS-TV about Firefly closing “voluntarily” because of “a few reported incidents of food poisoning.”

Our staff immediately smelled a rat (actually p.r. spin, read: poppycock) and prompted ELV to say so on this Website.

From there, things escalated quickly.

Comments started flying in, victims came out of the woodwork, our phone rang off the hook, and it took a herculean effort not to tattoo “I told you so” across our forehead.

Al Mancini even accused us of schadenfreude on his Facebook page (as is his wont). But, as we were quick to point out: “Recognizing when bad juju catches up with someone is not taking pleasure in their demise.”

By the end of the week, we had been interviewed by Fox 5, Channel 13’s Rikki Cheese, the R-J’s Ben Spillman, KSNV’s Kim Wagner (below), a dozen poison victims and every chef and restaurant person we bumped into (and in a week, that amounts to dozens).

Our favorite quote of the week (of us) was: “I can’t imagine who would be stupid enough to¬† eat at Firefly (any of them) at this point.”

Our second favorite quote (of us) comes from our veto of Firefly in the 2011 Edition of EATING LAS VEGAS The 50 Essential Restaurants (click immediately to your left for your copy now!):

“…I’m not going to waste a lot of time on Firefly, because the management doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to make the food any good. This place is popular with the under-40 crowd for one reason: it’s cheap.”

But rather that dwell on the bad juju that surrounds this place, we’d like to leave you on a high note, and that high note is the wonderful, seasonal and superbly seasoned vegan food that Mark LoRusso (with an assist from pastry chef Maria Mac) is doing now at Botero.

Botero — a steakhouse even a vegan can love — now that’s good juju:

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  1. Since it opened Botero has always impressed me with the range of its dishes, the good service, and the interesting space it occupies. Downsides: a bit pricey (what eatery in Wynncore isn’t?) and seats next to those pillars in the center of the room are less-than-comfortable (and there are a lot of pillars).

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