Gourmet Vegan Tops Microbial, Macrobiotic Week for ELV


Who knew when we woke up early Monday morning such a week was in store for us?

It started with a 6am report on KLAS-TV about Firefly closing “voluntarily” because of “a few reported incidents of food poisoning.”

Our staff immediately smelled a rat (actually p.r. spin, read: poppycock) and prompted ELV to say so on this Website.

From there, things escalated quickly.

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This Just In – Jet Tila leaving Wynn/Encore

He was a great chef as chefs go, and as chefs go, he went.

This just in: Jet Tila, one of the brightest lights in Vegas gastronomy, a passionate, committed chef who, we hoped, would stick around once he broke from the shackles of the Wynn/Encore’s hypocrisy, will be leaving his post at Wazuzu very soon, almost exactly three years since he came to Vegas.

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An Easter Parade…To Atrocious Food

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You see some mighty strange things when you decide to walk three miles to lunch along Las Vegas Boulevard on a cool, breezy Easter Sunday: gargantuan, unfinished hotels, cheap (and we mean cheap) tourist t-shirt shops, bums drinking warm beer from bottles cadged from the gutter, discount (and we mean discount) tour kiosks, and, occasionally, a cool car or Crazy Girl butt to buttress your spirits.

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