Eat This Now – Octopus Tiganito at THE FAT GREEK (+ one unique cheeseburger)

We told you some time ago that The Fat Greek was being run by Russians.

At first, this disturbed us, but a recent visit demonstrated no slippage in the souvlaki or doldrums in the dolmades.

As solid as those standards continue to be, it was two unexpected dishes that brought hosannas to Hera. One was simple grilled octopus (called octopus Tiganito on the menu):

[imagebrowser id=1883]

…that was as tender and lemony as this cephalopod can get.

Just as good (and even more of a surprise) was this Greek burger:

[imagebrowser id=1884]

…comprised of seasoned ground meat (seasoned like only Greeks know how) and then smothered in a tirokafteri salad of uncommon cheesiness.

It is one of the more oddball burgers in town, but none the less compelling for it.

If you like your meat tangy with herbs and sharp with cheese, you won’t find a better one anywhere.

Best of all, it only costs eight bucks….and those lemony-tender hunks of mollusk are only $11 — proving that nothing beats going Greek, no matter who’s cooking it.


Renaissance Center West

4001 South Decatur Blvd. #34

Las Vegas, NV 89103