THE FAT GREEK – Still Worth Russian Too

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This just in: The Fat Greek, which used to be run by Armenians, is now being run by Russians.

ELV, a man often called a Greek God with Roman hands and Russian fingers, is not fazed by this.

He is not fazed by this because Russian-born chef/owner Gina Vieths is doing a bang-up job of turning out passable renditions of the Greek specialties that first warmed the cockles of ELV’s heart over a year ago. Most of the menu remains faithful to the dishes that were being served under the prior, Gourmroian ownership. The tirokefteri (spicy whipped feta dip) is as piquant as ever, and we saw no slouching in the macaronia me Kyma (the sinfully rich mac ‘n cheese). Neither is pictured above, but of the tasty snaps we are posting, only the so-so shrimp Santorini disappointed — it being possessed of neither garlic nor lemon as promised.

But these are minor quibbles compared to the gargantuan, grandiose galataboureko (semolina custard with phyllo) that gratefully gravitates to your gushing gullet. Russian, Armenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Micronesian….it’s all Greek to ELV…and if this keeps up, we will see no reason to doubt any ethnic cuisine’s authenticity — even if it’s French food being made by Filipinos.

ELV’s last two meals here (both lunches) averaged about $45 including a $10 tip.


Renaissance Center West

4001 South Decatur Blvd. #34

Las Vegas, NV 89103


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  1. While often amused by your word-play (though you go too often to alliteration, Shakespeare was prone to the same device), from context, I believe the word you’re looking for here is “fazed”.

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