5 thoughts on “The Best Steak in Town on Wake Up With the Wagners

  1. Delmonico and Old Homestead don’t deserve to be on a best steak in Vegas list as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve never had an excellent steak at Delmonico’s and Lord knows I go back frequently in hopes that I will.

    Old Homestead is very, very expensive for very, very ordinary beef. Even the New York restaurant isn’t that great.

    For me, Mastro’s and SW should be on the list instead.

  2. interesting rankings.
    Prime, while has a nice home made mustard sauce gets its steaks from whomever the hotel is currently sourcing, just ask Eddie Wong which purveyor won the bid. at least cut and carnevino have a hands on program but your list is the usual vanilla. there are other restaurants in town that have relationships with actual slaughter houses and meat packers in the midwest that you (as per usual) overlook.

  3. Old Homestead definitely shouldn’t be there. And honestly except for Carniveno, Gordon Ramsay Steak is best.

  4. Had a fantastic Rib Eye at Austin’s in the Texas Station last week. $4$ probably the best in LV.

  5. If only a Chef can sever good Pepper Steak and good London Broil, I will frequent the place and gladly spread the word.

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